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How to make a 45 degree angle with a glass block wall

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Glass Block

How to make a 45 degree angled glass block wall


Whether designing a shower, partition wall or a counter or bar the ability to create a sharp or gently curved 45 degree angled glass block wall can make a dramatic impact on a home or commercial space. In the article below learn 3 steps to guide you through a 45 degree angle glass block wall project – from choosing the right glass blocks to steps to simplify the installation process and add decorative elements and lighting.


Stylish and Practical Exterior Doors and Windows add Curb Appeal

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in doors, Exterior Remodeling, Windows

Looking for a unique and stylish entry way or exterior window? Exterior products are more than just a door or just a window; these products add personality and curb appeal to your home.  An artistically designed door not only allows visitors to come in but it invites them in.


green steel entry door

Doors can be customized with an array of options including decorative glass and caming patterns, inspirations art glass, colored thresholds, distinctive hardware and deadbolts, multiple paint and stain options, transom windows and much more!

7 Ideas to Improve a Universal and Accessible Hotel Shower

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling

7 ideas to improve a hotel shower for universal and accessible design

On a recent business trip in Worthington suburb of Columbus Ohio I was staying at a DoubleTree Hotel and was registered in a handicap accessible room – even though I don’t have a personal challenge which requires this particular space. As someone who studies universal and accessible design principles (I am a Certified Aging in Place Specialist) and who recommends these products (I am the President of Innovate Building Solutions – a nationwide wholesaler and regional installer of universal and accessible bathroom products) the opportunity to stay in this room gave me a chance to evaluate the bathroom – and the shower in particular.

While the overall shower and bathroom was adequate – it most certainly can be improved with more thoughtful design and/or different product selections. In the article below I’ve identified 7 ideas to improve the function (for hotel guests of all abilities), looks, and lessen the longer term maintenance of this particular DoubleTree hotel shower.

A Mid Century Modern Home is Reinvigorated with Passion and Architectural Integrity

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling

Usonian Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Fresno California after Restoration

Can a home create an emotional connection with a family and serve as a guide to its own restoration and remodeling? As unique as this sounds, it was the connection between Mid Century Modern architecture lovers, Lynne Valek and Dean Gordon, and their home in the Old Fig Garden neighborhood of Fresno, California, which helped create a functional and beautiful space that serves as the hub for their family!

Lynne and Dean’s search for a new home centered on finding a location close to their grandkids, a neighborhood providing convenient access to shopping, and a floor plan that would allow them to age in place gracefully. While this process involved touring many different homes in many different styles, it wasn’t until they entered a 1954 Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Usonian home in the bucolic Old Fig Garden area of Fresno, that they knew that they found the right home for them.

Seeing the home stirred Lynne and Dean, but what really cemented their desire to pursue the purchase was when they took their grandchildren on a tour of several home sites, and their two year-old granddaughter, Mari, stepped in this Old Fig Garden home, threw off her shoes and exclaimed, “This is my grandma’s house!” At that point, there was no turning back!

In part 1 (of this 5 part series), learn how this home’s progress was fueled with relentless dedication to maintain architectural integrity and a group of focused and passionate people (including a designer, a team of artisan craftsmen, and the owners – Lynne and Dean). Using a combination of renovation, renewal, restoration, and remodeling, the home now fits the lifestyle of its owners, while respecting its architectural roots.

5 steps to install decorative DIY shower and tub wall panels

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling

how to install DIY shower and tub wall panels finished image

If you’ve ever gotten involved in a DIY project which wasn’t as “easy to install” as the box said you know the true beauty of a simple straightforward system. In the case of tub and shower wall panels a product which is easy to cut, install and finish is critical because it seems standard sized enclosures openings are usually not as “standard” as you think when you dig into the project. Off the shelf systems can appear to be perfect – until you find out your walls are not in square or plumb and you’re fighting to make the standard shower or tub wall panels fit.

Eliminate these installation challenges and get a waterproof and luxurious finished product using a PVC backed composite decorative wall panel system. Learn 5 steps to install these panels and transform your bathroom.

Modern glass block shower system introduced at Columbus Home & Garden Show

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling, Glass Block

Modern and Contemporary glass block shower design with clear and frosted blocks

Even a classically timeless material like glass blocks can need an update to stay fresh with today’s building styles. The trend now is for bathrooms to be designed with sleek and clean lines and the new “Contempo” glass block shower line from Innovate Building Solutions is targeted to leverage how bathroom fashion is evolving.

Learn below how this “Contempo” series of glass blocks is being combined with minimalist shower bases and contemporary wall panels (or tiles) to reinvigorate the look of the bathroom.

Enjoy “High Style” Glass Shower or Tub Enclosures for Any Budget

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling

Fleurco sliding shower door

Do you hear the phrase “high style” and think expensive? Well, with the Fleurco line of glass shower or tub enclosures, you can create stylish solutions for most any budget. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or building a new home, Fleurco products offer a wide range of options from a high end frameless intelligent hinged system, a mid priced semi-frameless sliding or pivot door to a low priced value line.


The Fleurco products have much to offer.  Here are some of the highlights

7 Master Bathroom Strategies for Aging in Place or an Aging Parent

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling, Glass Block

7 aging in place strategies roll in shower

Gabi Karpowicz was faced with a challenge – how to redesign her master bathroom (located in the Hilliard suburb of ColumbusOhio) to add style, make it easier to safely care for her mother in law and increase the total functionality of the space. Learn below how Gabi and her husband Joe (along with Columbus Glass Block division of Innovate Building Solutions) used 7 different space and product selection strategies to elevate the functionality, design and style of this master bathroom without having to totally redo the space.

How to choose the right accessories for a solid surface shower

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling

how to choose solid surface shower accessories

Every woman knows a dress is not complete without the right accessories (a fashionable purse, jewelry or fancy shoes) and every man knows a car is not really cool without the right options (a killer sound system, a sun roof to enjoy a bright, sunny day or an explosive engine to feel young again). Just like we enjoy we enjoy the additional function and fashion of adding accessories to dresses and cars the same benefits occur when choosing the right accessories for a solid surface shower.

In the article below learn how corner and bench seats, corner caddies and niches and decorative moldings and window trim kits add function and style to a solid surface shower.

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