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Got a problem area? Glass blocks may provide a unique solution

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Glass Block

Glass blocks are a trendy way to add an eye-catching addition to any space in the home. They’re sleek, contemporary, sturdy, versatile, and best of all, low maintenance. Glass blocks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors and allow privacy while letting in light. Here are four ways to use glass blocks:

glass block shower enclosureGlass block shower enclosures: Do you need to fit a shower into a bathroom with an odd shape or limited space? Glass block shower enclosures can be customized to fit any size bathroom, large or small and regardless of shape. Because glass blocks are available in so many sizes and shapes, the showers can be square, rectangular, or even curved or rounded. Glass blocks are rugged and long-lasting. They tend to last longer than tile or traditional glass showers.

Glass block room dividers: If you want to glass block room dividerdivide a room but don’t want a plain old drywall wall, glass blocks may be the answer. Whether you need a floor-to-ceiling partition or a half-wall room divider, glass blocks are a stylish way to divvy up a space. Not only do they add an interesting focal point to the room, they allow light to filter through. Add colored or patterned blocks for a unique look.

glass block accentsGlass block accents: Glass blocks can create an interesting accent wherever you install them. Use them on the back of a kitchen island for a finishing touch that is stylish and easy-to-clean. A glass block bar becomes the center of attention in a recreation room, home theater, or family room. Use laser-etched glass blocks or colored glass blocks to create a one-of-a kind focal point in any room.

Garage Windows with Glass Blocks – An Excellent Product for an Area Growing in Importance

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Exterior Remodeling, Glass Block

Garage windows using glass blocks being mortared for high security and increased privacy

Garage windows using glass blocks being mortared for high security and increased privacy

You may be asking – why should anyone care about the windows being used in a garage and why would glass block windows make sense in this space? Well in case you haven’t noticed garages are becoming a “hot” area of a home. Check out some of these facts:


  • According to the U.S. Census 1.3 million garages per year are being converted into living space.


  • From the National Association of Home Builders in 1950 58% of new homes had no garage – today 91% of new homes have a garage and 83% have a 2 car garage or more.


  • 17% of new homes in the United States have a 3 car garage.


So – what is prompting this increased interest in garages and what does that have to do with glass block windows? The reality is homeowners are looking for cost effective spaces that can be used as “flex” areas (i.e. for more than one use). In addition to parking cars people are now using garages for hobby and craft areas, workshops, children’s play rooms, ping pong and pool tables, poker rooms and exercise rooms. With this increased interest (and money) being put into garages there is a need for better windows– that is where garage glass block windows come into place.


Learn below the benefits and options of these windows vs. the old single pane windows that are generally installed when the garage was built.

Choosing glass block basement bath or garage windows for maximum protection

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Glass Block

Innovate Protect All  Glass Block Window

Innovate Protect All Glass Block Basement Window with an Air Vent

September 26 2012 (511 words)



Installing glass block windows is a great way to provide not only protection from the heat and cold air from outside – but they are also a way to guard your family against intruders. This fact is pretty well known in Midwest part of the United States where a lot of basement windows, garage windows, and bathroom windows have been installed – but what is not known is there is a new fabrication system that has notched up this the benefits of a glass block window to another level. This system is the Innovate Protect All Glass Block Window which will be explained below.

“Block up your windows before Old Man Winter sets in”

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Basement Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Commercial Remodeling & New Construction, Glass Block, Kitchen Remodeling

Upper floor bathroom glass block window
Upper floor bathroom glass block window – outside view

Unfortunately you have to face the facts – while you’re enjoying the colors of Fall, Old Man Winter is just around the corner. Poorly insulating windows will not get any better and re-caulking again and again becomes less and less effective. Here are some advantages you’ll realize using glass block basement, bathroom and garage windows:  

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