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7 Ways to Take the Pain out of your Shower Enclosure

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling

7 ways to take the pain out of your shower enclosure - Innovate Building Solutions


Updated January 13, 2019

Is stepping into your shower enclosure like walking into a Haunted House on Halloween? You’re unsure what’s lurking (and growing) inside of this small spooky space. What’s worse is you have to go into this horrific tiny dark box on a daily basis – OUCH!

In many cases your shower has been doomed from the start. The original homebuilder put in a cheap fiberglass one-piece unit which is yellowing, cracking and has scum you can’t even bring in a magician to clean off. Possibly you bought your home from an “expert” DIY’er (or so they thought) who created a tiled shower you swear your 5-year-old could have built better (some homeowners just don’t know what they don’t know).

Why continue to put up with this spooky, ugly, high maintenance and maybe not so safe shower anymore? It’s time to no longer have your shower be such a pain in your _________ (fill in the blank). It’s time to take a shower “pain management” class. In this article get 7 practical tips to create a shower stall you’ll actually want to shower and relax in!

How to Compare Tile Shower & Tub Wall Backer Board Systems

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling

Close up of wedi waterproof wallboard

Close up of wedi waterproof wallboardDurock cement wall board for tile shower

Durock cement wall board under tile

Durock cement wall board under tile

In tub and shower remodeling often it’s what you don’t see (the wallboard system behind the wall) that’s as important as what you do see (the decorative ceramic or natural stone tiles inside the space). The reason is – water can be the enemy of long lasting walls. So – how do you fight against damage (mold/mildew/wall deteriorating) caused by water and condensation in a bathroom? Choose the right tub and shower wall backer system. This article will advantages and disadvantages of the 5 most used systems (in no particular order).

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