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Are Bathroom Remodeling Projects in the United States too big? 9 Tips to make a small bathroom work

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling

Glass block shower in front of tub in European bathroom

A blue colored glass block shower placed in front of a tub in a small European bathroom

When I first saw the picture above showing off a wet room shower with a glass block wall positioned in front of a tub (taken from a project in Europe) I thought there’s no way some one in the United States would position a shower like this in front of a tub (although I think it looks cool)! The reality is in the United States on average our homes are 2,300 square feet in space whereas in France they are 1,211 and in the United Kingdom they are only 818 square feet. So in Europe it’s critical to use the most of every inch of space. That means in this country we’ve got space to spare and didn’t even realize it!


Do we as consumers in the United States think we have to remodel our bathrooms, kitchens and basements larger than they really need to be? Conversely if someone currently has a small bathroom what are some remodeling ideas to consider to use the existing footprint without sacrificing style and function?


The article below will briefly look at the benefits of small bathrooms and then provide a few tips to create a smaller bathroom remodeling project that will pop and work well for all members of the family.

Project Spotlight: Small Bathroom Makeover – How to create space, style & improve function – Cleveland Ohio

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling

Finished small bathroom remodeling pic pedestal sink and floating glass shelves

Finished small bathroom remodel - pedestal sink and floating glass shelves provide more room & storage


Last week we posted an article about a small kitchen remodel we did for the Chipner’s (from the Fairview Park suburb of Cleveland). This week we’ll turn our attention to the small bath remodel portion of the project. The Chipner’s existing bathroom was tight on space & storage, did not provide enough lighting and there was mold present in between the tile joints in the tub/shower area.


Learn below how Cheryl Chipner in conjunction with Cleveland Design & Remodeling and The Bath Doctor divisions of Innovate Building Solutions developed creative solutions to turn this small 5’ x 7’ area into a functional and stylish space.  


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