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The Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of a Shower Remodel so You Won’t Pull Your Hair Out!

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Uncategorized

The top 10 do's and don't of a shower remodel | Innovate Building Solutions

Updated July 21, 2019 (with 3 new bonus Do’s and Don’ts & 1 hot new product) 

Figuring out how to remodel a shower can be tough. What products should you use to have a stylish space which won’t be a pain to clean? Should you hire a remodeling contractor or do it yourself? How do you figure out the best shower pan, wall surround material and type of entry to use? Who you gonna call (it probably won’t be Ghostbusters) for help and guidance so you won’t end up pulling your hair out (if you have any left at the end)?

I wish I could tell you there was one magic formula, a silver bullet, a one-size-fits-all shower remodel recipe. That would be nice, but it’s not reality. What I can (and will) say is there are things you absolutely need to ask yourself (the Do’s) and things you’ll want to stay away from (the Don’ts) like the plague which will either lead you to a victorious shower project or down the road to home improvement “h-e-double hockey sticks (as our kids used to say when they were young so they wouldn’t say hell). Without further delay, let’s dig in.

Converting a jetted bathtub into a low maintenance high style shower

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling

Close up view of new decorative Interior shower wall panels - Cleveland Ohio

Close up view of new decorative Interior shower wall panels - Cleveland Ohio

In the 70’s and 80’s many bathrooms used products like jetted tubs and fiberglass wall surrounds. While jetted tubs might have made sense for that time – these products just aren’t a fit with homeowners today who lack the time to take baths. In addition the low cost fiberglass tub surrounds in many homes are beginning to show their age (many have yellowed or cracked) and are hard to keep clean. This is exactly the dilemma that faced the Mockabee family of Cleveland Ohio (who had an existing jetted bathtub/shower surround combination with old fiberglass walls). Learn below how they converted their tub and showering area into a low maintenance, high style and functioning shower.

Before image - jetted tub with fiberglass wall surrounds

Before conversion to a shower - jetted tub with fiberglass wall surrounds - Cleveland Ohio project

How to Compare Tile Shower & Tub Wall Backer Board Systems

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling

Close up of wedi waterproof wallboard

Close up of wedi waterproof wallboardDurock cement wall board for tile shower

Durock cement wall board under tile

Durock cement wall board under tile

In tub and shower remodeling often it’s what you don’t see (the wallboard system behind the wall) that’s as important as what you do see (the decorative ceramic or natural stone tiles inside the space). The reason is – water can be the enemy of long lasting walls. So – how do you fight against damage (mold/mildew/wall deteriorating) caused by water and condensation in a bathroom? Choose the right tub and shower wall backer system. This article will advantages and disadvantages of the 5 most used systems (in no particular order).

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