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Using Color: What Does Your Front Door Say about You?

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in doors, Exterior Remodeling

white steel entry

Did you know that the ways we use color in our lives and homes can offer others a peek into our personalities? Think about some of your favorite brands and products. What kinds of colors are used to entice you to make a purchase? What feelings do you associate with these colors and products? Believe it or not, there is a science behind the way we use color in our lives and often, our favorite colors tell a story about who we are. In the story of your home, what does your front door say about you?

Steel Door Replacement Named as Remodeling Project with Highest ROI

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in doors, Exterior Remodeling

steel entry doorIs your current home in need of several updates this fall, but you aren’t sure where to spend your money? According to a nationwide report published earlier this year by Remodeling Magazine, steel entry door replacement offers the highest return on investment out of more than 30 common projects, returning an average of 97 percent of the cost in added resale value.

While remodeling is an important part of keeping a home looking fresh and well-maintained, all projects are not created equally when it comes to ROI. Based on the Cost vs. Value report findings, front entry door replacement, kitchen remodeling, a wood deck addition and garage door replacement are the most cost-effective projects for adding to the overall value to your home.

7 Ways to a More Energy-Efficient Home this Fall

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in doors, Windows

Steel Front Entry Door Painted with Decorative Glass

Steel Front Entry Door Painted with Decorative Glass

The official start of fall is just around the corner and has many homeowners considering ways to prepare their homes for the cooler temperatures ahead. The good news is that there are many simple ways to make your home more energy-efficient without emptying your wallet, as well as bigger changes (like replacement doors and windows from Innovate Building Solutions) that will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Project Spotlight: How to Cost Effectively Replace an Old Bow Window with a 3 Lite Double Hung and Picture Window

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Windows

After - Picture Window with Double Hungs for Air Flow

After - Picture Window with Double Hungs for Air Flow


The problems with the current windows: Whenever Terry Ventura (a homeowner in the Brookpark suburb of Cleveland Ohio) entered the front door or sat in the dining room of her home she could see several problems with her old bow window.


  • The 4 equally sized windows were non-operable so she could not get fresh air in this east facing room (which gets a lot of sun and heat build up in the morning).



  • The old style awning covering the window reduced the amount of natural light and views to the outside.



  • The 4 single pane fixed windows with exterior storms where not energy efficient (they were the original windows built into the home) and Terry would see condensation on one of the windows between the storm and window sash.



  • The interior trim of the existing windows did not match the trim of the dining room.



  • The current sandstone sill was pitched towards the inside of the home causing water to damage the window box of the bow window.


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