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Bathroom, Kitchen, Basement Design & Remodeling Ideas for the Nicest Home or Business on the Block

Project Spotlight: How to Cost Effectively Replace an Old Bow Window with a 3 Lite Double Hung and Picture Window

Non operable bow window before installation with an awning
After - Picture Window with Double Hungs for Air Flow


The problems with the current windows: Whenever Terry Ventura (a homeowner in the Brookpark suburb of Cleveland Ohio) entered the front door or sat in the dining room of her home she could see several problems with her old bow window.


  • The 4 equally sized windows were non-operable so she could not get fresh air in this east facing room (which gets a lot of sun and heat build up in the morning).



  • The old style awning covering the window reduced the amount of natural light and views to the outside.



  • The 4 single pane fixed windows with exterior storms where not energy efficient (they were the original windows built into the home) and Terry would see condensation on one of the windows between the storm and window sash.



  • The interior trim of the existing windows did not match the trim of the dining room.



  • The current sandstone sill was pitched towards the inside of the home causing water to damage the window box of the bow window.


Terry’s research and window choice


While it would have been nice to replace the old bow window with a new bow they are a pretty expensive type of window and Terry thought she could still achieve her goals without this cost. Terry’s main objectives were to find a high quality window that would provide air flow, increase natural light, improve energy efficiency and would match the inside trim of her home at a good price.


Terry wanted to make a sound investment so she went to several window blogs to research brands and their relative performance. The Sunrise brand of windows (made in Temperence Michigan) seemed to really stand out in her reviews – so Terry looked for companies representing this line and called Cleveland Window & Door Company.


The product and installation solutions:Jeff Spurio (Sales Representative from Cleveland Window Company) worked with Terry to come up with the following window products to achieve her goals:


  • The bow window was replaced with a 3 lite window with two double hung windows on the sides (for air flow) and a picture window in the middle to maximize exterior views. The double hungs took up ¼ of the space on each side and the picture used ½ of the space in the middle.



  • An Ultra U Low E Argon gas filled window was used to maximize energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs.



  • The window was a painters white color on the outside and Brazilian Pecan color on the inside to match the dining room trim.


Steve Vlk(Project Manager) and John Exton (Window Installer and Field Technician) took the following steps to ensure a window installation that would solve Terry’s existing problems and provide a finished project that blended seamlessly with the home:


  • The exiting sandstone sill was removed and the new sill was sloped properly.



  • PVC coated color matched coil stock was wrapped around the windows (and at the head of the opening across the entire front section of the home) to have a maintenance free installation.



  • Interior trim was installed around the window to match the new windows.



What do you think about the products chosen and installation techniques used in this project? Please comment below.



If you need help with bow window replacement project or a free consultation for a window or door project visit Cleveland Window (216-531-4118) or Clear Choice Window & Door in Columbus (614-545-6885) or Cincinnati (513-744-2184) – divisions of Innovate Building Solutions.

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