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Our top 10 remodeling blog posts of 2017 – Innovate Building Solutions

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling

Our Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Blog Posts of 2017 | Innovate Building Solutions #Remodeling #Blog #Bathroom

(note – this blog post should be subtitled, “I Was Determined to Blow Up My Current Tub and Shower Stall in 2017)  

Thanks for your interest in my blog in 2017. Traffic doubled to over 50,000 visitors per month and one thing was painfully obvious – you do not like your current tub and shower stalls!

As you’ll see below 9 of the 10 top articles were focused on the pains, problems and solutions to fix the “wet spaces” (AKA your tub and showers) in a bathroom remodel. You wanted to learn how to get rid of step over shower curbs and climbing over tub rails which cause falls and hospital stays for family members. You wanted to learn how to stop having to clean tile grout – without resorting to cheap white plastic panels from your local big box store. You wanted to learn ways to get a stylish, low maintenance shower or tub without blowing your budget.

While 2017 was also the year of the Rooster in the “all important” Chinese Zodiac (and I will come clean and say I was born in 1960 – the year of the Rat– that’s not very flattering), for my blog 2017 was the year of the shower stall.

If you’d like to “blow up” your current tub or shower stall in 2018 (OK – maybe not literally) save yourself research time, money and aggravation by reading through our top 10 remodeling blog posts of 2017. We’ll build up to the top post at the end.

5 pains with custom bathroom wall panels you can eliminate right now

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling

5 pains with custom bathroom wall panels you can eliminate now | Innovate Building Solutions

If you’ve got a custom sized shower or tub and HATE tile you know what a pain it can be finding a long-lasting, good looking alternative \.  You may struggle locating any decent looking panels which don’t know look like a cheap Home Depot special. Even if you do find a nice bathroom wall panel, then you get “the pleasure” (sarcasm intended) dealing with your stuck-in-the-mud general contractor who refuses to install anything but tile (another remodeling hurdle for you). If you decide to DIY this job you may not have the right tools or experience to cut the panels or end up breaking one and costing yourself more money (ouch!). The question is who you gonna call (Ghostbusters doesn’t do construction work) to figure this doggone project out?

Here’s a quick and painless solution for you. Read below about the 5 pains of custom bathroom walls panels. You’ll learn not only about the hassle of bathroom wall panels, but most importantly get ideas to fix these problems without pulling out your hair (or yanking out your husband’s few remaining hairs either).

7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about High Gloss Bath, Kitchen and Feature Wall Panels

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling

7 Frequently Asked Questions FAQ about High Gloss Kitchen Bathroom and Feature Wall Panels

If you’re like me…. a big fan of contemporary design…. you know finding a modern bathroom and kitchen wall panel system – instead of having to use tile – can be a difficult process. That’s why I was blown away to find an optical grade high gloss acrylic wall panel system a couple of years ago at the International Builders Show. This sleek, contemporary and Euro-inspired look was a magnet for my eyes. It was the type of innovative building product I felt homeowners in the United States would just love.

That’s how my journey with high gloss wall panels (which are used predominately for luxury showers, bath surrounds and modern kitchen backsplashes) began. While I knew taking on a new (and largely unknown in the U.S. market) line would be fun, I understood there was going to be a lot of explaining to do so people would know where and how to use this product. In the article below let’s dig a bit deeper into the frequently asked questions about high gloss bath, kitchen and feature wall panels to unlock the mystery for you.

Introducing Designer Shower and Tub Wall Panels with Real Stone Look

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling

Designer tub or shower wall panels

Designer tub (or shower) wall panels

If you’d like to have the look of natural stone in your shower stall or tub enclosure but thought the cost was out of reach – think again! In the video and article below learn the benefits and uses of a cost effective, low maintenance shower and tub wall panel system which is rapidly growing in popularity.

Combining advanced digital imagery with a ¼” thick PVC backed composite

Design Imaging of Orem Utah combined their knowledge of computerized imaging to replicate the look of large slabs of stone and marble. These images are then bonded to a PVC backing and sealed to create designer shower or tub wall panels.

Benefits of designer wall panels

Some of the benefits of this PVC backed composite wall system include:

  • Wall panels are light and easy to install even for a do it yourself consumer. They can be cut with a carpenter’s knife.
  • Creates the look of real stone at ½ the cost.
  • 20 different patterns provides a large degree of design flexibility for any decorating theme.
Golden beaches shower wall panels with a glass block wall

Golden beaches shower wall panels with a glass block wall

  • No grout joints eliminate the maintenance associated with tile projects.
  • There is no need (or expense) associated with having to seal the panels.
  • These wall panels can be installed over old tile to reduce installation time and disposal costs (note – make sure the tile walls are not spongy to ensure there is no mold behind the backer wall).
  • Easy to install corner shelves, recessed niches and accent borders improve the look and functionality of the enclosure.


The primary use of this material is for tub enclosures and shower stalls, but it can also be used for kitchen backsplashes or any other area where a natural stone look is desired.

Purchasing designer wall panels or finding a contractor

On a nationwide basis this material can be purchased by a homeowner or contractor through Innovate Building Solutions. On a regional basis The Bath Doctor of Cleveland, Akron and Columbus Ohio can provide installation service.

What additional questions or comments do you have about these designer wall panels? Please comment below.

If you’re looking for more information or an estimate to install these designer shower or tub wall panels contact The Bath Doctor of Cleveland (216-531-6085) or Columbus (614-252-7294).For nationwide direct product sales call Innovate Building Solutions (877-668-5888). For complete bathroom remodeling contact Cleveland Design & Remodeling (216-658-1270).


Sentrel Shower & Tub Wall Panels – the Look of Natural Stone at ½ the Cost & No Maintenance

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling

Sentrel Tub Wall Panels & Accent Strip in Calcutta Gold Pattern

Sentrel Tub Wall Panels & Accent Strip in Calcutta Gold Pattern

If you’re looking for natural stone, marble or granite wall panels for a bathtub or shower but think you can’t afford it – think again. With the development of a new scratch resistant composite bathroom wall surround system called Sentrel you can get the look of natural stone without the big cost or grout challenges sometimes associated with marble and granite. Outlined below are the frequently answered questions about this system.

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