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Why settle for a tiny shower?

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling, Glass Block


Why settle for a tiny shower | Innovate Building Solutions

When you take a shower is it an elbow banging, sardine-stuffed-in-can, clown-jammed-into-a-Volkswagen type of experience? Maybe your shower is “functional,” but it’s not a place you enjoy. Since the bathtub is hardly ever used, showers now rule the bathroom landscape. Day in and day out they are the workhorses of our morning or evening routine. So why settle for a tiny shower which is uncomfortably small, outdated and/or a dark depressing?

This is the question Kerry Danielsen asked about the cramped 48″ x 32″ shower in her West Winsor, New Jersey home. The challenge for Kerry (or for any of us who are adventuresome enough to embark on a bathroom remodeling project) is how can I make my limited square footage work? How can I create a bathroom which is luxurious, comfortable and durable (after all who wants to spend good money remodeling a bathroom only to see it fall apart in a short time)?

Fortunately for Kerry she had a “trick” (‘er, or should I say a friend) up her sleeve to guide her through this process. This friend is also an award-winning architect (now that’s the perfect kind of friend to have during a building project), furniture designer and graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University (that’s also my alma-mater so that can’t make him too bad!). He is Jonathan Nelson.

When I talked to Jonathan and Kerry recently about the project Jonathan joked and said, “Mike – we basically created a shower with a bathroom attached!” The challenge becomes how can you create a spacious, luxurious larger shower in a smaller bathroom while providing enough space for a vanity, and toilet? You don’t want to end up looking like an episode from “Honey, I Shrunk the Rest of our Bathroom just to put in a Larger Shower!”

Let’s go on a journey to see how this bathroom remodeling project evolved from a good plan on a sheet of paper to a space which is not only built to last, but is built to be enjoyed …. each day.

Glass Tile Blocks – Where Art meets Architecture

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Glass Block

Decorative Glass Tile Necklace

Decorative Glass Tile Necklace

When architect and Managing Director at Gensler Architects Karen Hargarther Thomas was asked how she got into the field of architecture she said, “The world of architecture has the power to create special places for people to inhabit, work, play or provide a private retreat. At the most minimal level we can create a shelter – but through architecture we have the ability to move the human spirit through the built environment.”


Creating a special place and adding an architectural and artistic touch is what inspired the development and use of glass tile blocks in showers, walls and windows. Learn below how glass tiles used in women’s necklaces and other jewelry where repurposed in the use of inspirational windows and walls to not only create a functional window or wall and bring in light – but to make a distinctive artistic touch to a home or commercial building.


Glass tile blocks used for a shower wall

Glass tile blocks used for a shower wall - Columbus Ohio project

Decorative Glass Block Shower Wall & Sentrel Wall Surrounds Featured at Central Ohio Home & Garden Show

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling, Glass Block

Decorative glass tile block shower wall with Sentrel wall surrounds

Decorative glass tile block shower wall with Sentrel wall surrounds

If you’re wondering what’s hot and new in the world of glass block showers and decorative wall surrounds you need to look no further than the Central Ohio Home & Garden Show. Learn below about this cutting edge shower display from Columbus Glass Block & Bath Doctor (at booths 9N, 10N & 11 N) starting this weekend . If you can’t make the show (or don’t live in this area go to these web links or call to learn more).

Project Spotlight: Using Art Glass Tile Blocks in a Kitchen Backsplash to add Light, Color, Privacy and Style

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Glass Block, Kitchen Remodeling

Art glass tile blocks used in a kitchen backsplash

Kitchen backsplash using art glass tile blocks

Question – how do you get light, privacy, contemporary style and color through a kitchen backsplash area? Answer – by using decorative art glass tile blocks. Learn below how Erin Cornelius of Davis California was able to create a light filled focal point in her kitchen remodeling project by adding an area of artistically designed glass tile blocks in between two rows of cabinetry.


5 Places to Use Decorative Art Glass Tile Blocks

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Basement Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Commercial Remodeling & New Construction, Glass Block, Kitchen Remodeling, Windows

Art glass tile blocks in various sizes, design & colors
Art glass tile blocks in various sizes, design & colors
Close up view of a decorative glass tile block
Close up view of a decorative glass tile block

Being able to be cool, innovative and create a functional design is now possible for your next glass block shower, wall or window project. You might ask how – we’ll if you haven’t seen fused glass tile blocks you’re in for a treat. Decorative, stylish and one of a kind would be correct ways to describe these art glass tile blocks.

Fused glass tile blocks are simply hand crafted tiles made by fusing layers of colored and clear glass together in a kiln. These tiles come in various sizes, 73 transparent & 46 opaque colors, and are fused to glass blocks. Here are 5 popular places to use these tile blocks:

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