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High Gloss Acrylic Panels Add a Touch of European Style

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling

Lustrolite High Gloss Acrylic PanelsHigh gloss finishes have been a must-have feature in the trendiest, upscale European homes for years. Now, American kitchens and bathrooms can have that sleek, European look with easy-to-install, low-maintenance high gloss acrylic panels.

Lustrolite high gloss acrylic panels from Innovate Building Solutions offer an affordable choice for homeowners who want to add a unique and contemporary touch to their kitchen or bathroom. The colorful, low-maintenance wall panels can be installed instead of tile to give a sleek, sophisticated look to kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, as well as tub and shower enclosures. They’re versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to create a stunning accent wall anywhere in the home, to add a pop of color to the kitchen, or for a slick, contemporary look in the bathroom.

Cook Up Some Fresh Ideas for Your Kitchen this Holiday Season

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Kitchen Remodeling


Big things are happening in the kitchen this week as families start preparing their favorite top-secret recipes, sharing some laughs and getting ready for Thanksgiving holiday feasts.  It is usually when you’re in the “trenches” of your kitchen when you either a) realize the value of its functionality and how comfortable you feel or b) think to yourself, “Something has to be done!” If you can relate to feeling frazzled, cramped, or like your space isn’t living up to its full potential, it may be time to consider remodeling.

This year’s Cost vs. Value Report estimates that homeowners can expect to recoup at least 82.7 percent of their investment on even a minor kitchen remodel, a great incentive if you plan to eventually list your home on the market. (Updated kitchens and bathrooms can really make a big difference to prospective buyers!) If you know that you plan to stay in place for a number of years or even throughout your lifetime, now is the time to remodel with your future in mind, incorporating universal design trends that make the space user-friendly for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

So where to begin with your remodeling project?

Fall 2014 Trend Report from Innovate: High Gloss

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling

Arctic-Back-Splash acrylic wall panelThe cool high-gloss trend that can be seen all over kitchens in Europe has made its way to the states, offering interior designers and homeowners alike a unique, aesthetically appealing option for taking a modern look to the next level in commercial buildings or high-end luxury homes. Described as sleek, fun and contemporary, Lustrolite high gloss acrylic wall panels from Innovate Building Solutions can add a lot to your kitchen, bathroom, media room or office.

Five Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen this Summer

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Kitchen Remodeling

high gloss backsplash in kitchen

July is a month filled with sunny days, fireworks, fireflies, and even a few pesky mosquitoes—but more than anything, this summer is a great time to get “bitten” by the remodeling bug, especially if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your kitchen! Here are the top five reasons from Innovate Building Solutions to get busy remodeling your kitchen before the summer comes to a close.

Practical Benefits of Going High Gloss

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling

high gloss showerHigh gloss acrylic wall panels don’t just give your space a luxurious, contemporary look—they offer fantastic practical benefits as well. Flexibility and durability are just two of the major perks of installing this elegant product that offers the same look as glass, but is actually 25 times stronger and weighs half as much. While the look is considered all the rage in Europe, it is just starting to catch on in the states and we couldn’t be more excited!

Universal Design Trends Explode as Baby Boomers Reach Retirement

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling

Universal DesignAs baby boomers continue their slow and steady transition into retirement, a new trend is occurring that is expected to dramatically impact the landscape of the design and building markets. Many boomers are already serving as care providers for their elderly parents, while others are actively planning for the years ahead. While the generations before them may have eventually settled into assisted living facilities, the majority of boomers would prefer to hunker down right where they are…home sweet home. And we don’t blame them!

According to a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau, the nation’s 65-and-older population will nearly double in the next 20 years, making it more important than ever to ensure that the place you call home is age-friendly. If you are looking to make your home last for a lifetime, Innovate Building Solutions can help, offering a variety of universal design options to improve accessibility without ever sacrificing style.

How to compare back painted color coated glass to high gloss acrylic wall panels

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling

High gloss acrylic wall panels in a red color

High gloss acrylic wall panels in a red color

If you’re an architect, designer, custom builder or homeowner you may be familiar with the concept of coloring the reverse side of a piece of glass to achieve a clean, contemporary and easy to clean wall surface, but you may not have heard about an alternative product – high gloss acrylic walls. While both of these materials can make a dramatic impact for a backsplash or shower in a home (or feature wall or boardroom application in an office) they each have distinct advantages which can impact which material is best for a specific project.


Project Spotlight: Using Art Glass Tile Blocks in a Kitchen Backsplash to add Light, Color, Privacy and Style

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Glass Block, Kitchen Remodeling

Art glass tile blocks used in a kitchen backsplash

Kitchen backsplash using art glass tile blocks

Question – how do you get light, privacy, contemporary style and color through a kitchen backsplash area? Answer – by using decorative art glass tile blocks. Learn below how Erin Cornelius of Davis California was able to create a light filled focal point in her kitchen remodeling project by adding an area of artistically designed glass tile blocks in between two rows of cabinetry.


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