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How to Use Fixed Replacement Picture Windows

Written by Mike Foti on . Posted in Windows

Living room grouping of picture windows
Living room grouping of picture windows
Family room picture windows in square, rectangular, trianglular shapes
Family room picture windows in square, rectangular, trianglular shapes

Bringing in the beauty of the outdoors inside a home is an important function of your house windows. Choosing the right windows to make the most of this view is where fixed picture windows come into play. In this article you’ll learn the definition, advantages and disadvantages, options and places to use replacement picture windows.

Definition – A picture window is a large, flat fixed window that generally can’t be opened or closed which is used to improve the views to the outside and light transmission into a room.

Advantages of Picture Windows  


  • Maximizes the views to the outside – Since these windows are generally large in size they can take advantage of nice views of front, back or side yard spaces.


  • Low cost windows – Since these windows don’t have any mechanical parts needed to make them operable they tend to cost less than a comparable sized window that opens.


  • Add more light into a room – The size of a fixed picture window lets a large amount of light to stream in.


  • Can increase market value and add architectural interest – Whether you use a arched, rectangular or square picture window– the ability to “bring the outdoors in” can improve the resale value of a home by maximizing the looks of the outside of the property while inside the home.


  • Provides heat gain during the winter – Picture windows let the sunlight shine in to warm the home on a sunny winter day.


Disadvantages of Picture Windows  

  • They don’t allow air flow…. by themselves – Fixed windows do not open for ventilation, however they can be combined with double hung, casement and sliding windows to achieve the best of both worlds (expansive views and air flow).


  • Heat gain during the summer months– Since these windows are large,  single pane picture windows can cause a lot of heat gain (and the need to run the air conditioning more) in the summer. To lessen the impact of heat gain you can use double or triple pane windows.


  • Difficult to clean the outside– Since picture windows don’t open in for cleaning the outside surface must be cleaned from the outside of the home.


Popular Options


Add more style with these options:


Where to use Picture Windows


These windows are most often found in family rooms, living rooms, great rooms and kitchens.

Do you have any questions or advice about how to use a picture window? Please comment below.

To learn more about picture windows or to get free consultation contact Cleveland Window Company (216-531-4118) or Clear Choice Window & Door in Columbus (614-545-6886) or in Cincinnati (513-744-2184) – divisions of Innovate Building Solutions.

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