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News from the Block, Innovate Building Solutions Blog
Bathroom, Kitchen, Basement Design & Remodeling Ideas for the Nicest Home or Business on the Block
Bathroom, Kitchen, Basement Design & Remodeling Ideas for the Nicest Home or Business on the Block

Using Contemporary and Classic Lines & Patterns in a Luxury Bath Remodel

Can the use of lines and patterns really make a master bathroom special? The answer is unequivocally yes if you check out the inspired bath design from owners Ray Ellwood and John Looney of Lancaster Ohio. Learn more below how Ray and John (with the installation expertise of their contractor Matt Waites) utilized a mix of contemporary and classic lines, patterns and products to create a stunning and bright master bathroom.

Vertical lines of glass blocks provide a contemporary look and sense of height – Using a non-traditional glass block pattern called “parallel fluted Argus” from Pittsburgh Corning this glass block shower wall uses it’s vertical lines to create the feeling it is soaring towards the ceiling. The lines also provide a crisp contemporary look.

Glass block shower in Argus pattern with colored glass tile wall in Ohio

Subtle horizontal pattern with white subway tile – Nothing says “classic and elegant” quite as much as the look of subway tile. With the choice of white ceramic subway tiles this project is able to take advantage of both the calming and reflective features of this product.

White subway tile in a luxury bath remodel in Lancaster Ohio

Vertically oriented LED vanity lighting  – The LED lights (made by Modern Forms and purchased from the Ylighting web site) flanking the mirrored medicine cabinets not only provide long lasting vibrant illumination– but the bright chrome fixture has distinctive good looks as well!

LED vanity lighting with marble countertop

Classic linear design layout of Frank Lloyd Wright inspired window – Famous architects like Frank Lloyd Wright wanted design to stretch extend beyond functional to inspirational! This window layout combined a large operable casement window on the left with a stack of two fixed lite and one small operable awning window on the right creating the look of a Frank Lloyd Wright designed home.

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired operable casement and awning windows in Ohio

Sleek linear plumbing fixtures – The vertical layout of the hand held shower and the stacked horizontal set up of the plumbing valves (which operate the stationary shower head, hand held shower and the rain head) provide a sense of order in this space.

Plumbing fixtures in a luxury shower remodel in ohio

Introduce a sense of fun and color with a classic herringbone patterned glass tile niche – While classic and contemporary lines provide a sense of organization it’s fun to inject splashes of color and unique patterning into a luxury bathroom. The herringbone pattern in this glass tile soap and shampoo niche certainly offers an eye-popping feature!

Herringbone pattern in colorful glass tile shampoo niche  in ohio

What’s your favorite feature in Ray and John’s bathroom? Please vote (or comment below).


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