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Bathroom, Kitchen, Basement Design & Remodeling Ideas for the Nicest Home or Business on the Block

Shower wall panel patterns DO NOT need to be boring – 6 new Maximalist, Transitionalist, and Scandinavian designs

Opening Shower wall panel patterns DO NOT need to be boring – 6 new Maximalist, Transitionalist, and Scandinavian designs | Innovate Building Solutions | Bathroom Remodel | New Pattern Bathroom Designs | Maximalist Design | Scandinavian Shower Designs

Too many people associate shower wall panels with these words…

…..white, boring, and institutional.

And yes manufacturers still make plain white glossy shower wall panels which, while NOT exciting, are cost-effective. However, if you want easy to clean panels (to get away from the hassle of maintaining tile grout joints) but DO NOT want to sacrifice style – it’s nice to know the words ‘wall panels and stylish’ are no longer mutually exclusive.

You see with today’s shower wall panel patterns you can find designs which fit your interior décor tastes whether you like Modern Farmhouse, Modern Minimalist, Transitionalist, Scandinavian, or even Maximalist decors.

There’s no need to settle with plain, old, white panels…. if you know where to look!

And what’s cool is manufacturers who make products using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery, are able to design new patterns faster than ‘old-school’ molded shower panels made of fiberglass, acrylic, and cultured stone.

And since wall panel patterns should be driven by the latest tile and stone trends, the need for innovation in colors, patterns, and interior design styles should be a never ending process. However, with some manufacturers, they’ll keep making the same old, same old stuff for as long as people keep buying them.

In this article, I’m going to share 6 new laminate wall panel designs. These new patterns will work if your design style is bold and daring (with a maximalist design flare), or if you gravitate towards ‘middle of the road’ patterns (which fit a Transitionalist design style), or if the relaxing, calming vibe of a Scandinavian design is your ‘thing.’

So, let’s look at these 6 new shower wall panel patterns and also learn more about these designs styles through videos by leading interior designers.

At the end I’d love to read your comments and know if any of these patterns and design styles ‘speak to you’ (I just threw that phrase in so you would think I was a fancy-schmancy interior designer…is it working?).

Two new shower wall panel patterns in a ‘Maximalist’ décor style. Are you ready to embrace ‘bold?’

While Maximalism is the opposite of Minimalism (it’s far better known ‘cousin’ which is characterized by simple clean lines, and often a one-color design) – it’s actually more than simply being the opposite of Minimalism.

Here’s a few characteristics you’ll see in a Maximalist interior design:

Characteristics of a Maximalist Bathroom Design

  • It’s bold and daring.
  • It’s not afraid of eye-popping colors.
  • It can be a reflection of your uniqueness, your personality. It’s fearless.
  • It can be eclectic.
  • It’s visually dynamic.
  • It can be dark, moody, and sexy.
  • It doesn’t ‘apologize’ for bringing out emotions.

And if you’re planning a bathroom remodel and want to embrace the fearlessness which is you, why not ‘go bold or go home?’ Oops, I’m sorry, you’re already home!

And to prove to you grout free (and easy to maintain) shower wall panels DO NOT need to be boring, check out these maximalist ‘Charcoal gray’ and ‘Smokey Blue Stacked Subway shower panels below. Could these be a fun addition for your shower, tub surround, or bathroom walls?

Maximalist Charcoal gray | Innovate Building Solutions | bathroom Remodel | Charcoal Grey | Shower Design Ideas | bathroom maximalist interior design
Charcoal Gray
Maximalist Smokey blue shower wall panel | Innovate Building Solutions | Bathroom Remodel | Stacked Subway Tile Patten | bathroom Remodel ideas
Smokey Blue Stacked Subway Tile

And if you like the concept of a bold, Maximalist design, but aren’t an interior designer or know how to ‘pull it off,’ get practical ideas from interior designer Nick Lewis in this video titled How to Decorative Maximalism/Is this the end of Minimalism?’

Here’s a few things ideas I learned from Nick’s video, and other sources, on how to create a maximalist design in your bathroom:

Ideas to create a Maximalist Design in your bathroom

  • Maximalism should take advantage of its boldness in the ‘focal point’ of your room.
  • Maximalism shouldn’t be random. There should be a ‘harmonious interaction of diverse details’ (and yes, those are Nick’s fancy words, not mine – ha! ha!).
  • Use unique, vintage pieces. Consider a cool mirror, or one of a kind bathroom vanity, a funky live-edge countertop, or bold hardware on your glass doors or vanity. A Maximalist design is all about fun.
  • Don’t use your bold color only once in your design. Use it an odd number of times (in different places) so your eye is drawn around the bathroom.
  • DO NOT clutter or overwhelm your Maximalist bathroom with too many things.

Since I know Maximalism IS NOT for everyone, let’s transition (yes, bad pun intended) to the ever-popular (especially if you live in the Midwest like I do) Transitionalist designs and two new shower wall panel patterns you can check out.

Two new shower wall panel patterns in a ‘Transitionalist’ décor. Are you looking for a middle of the road (play it safe) design?

If Maximalism is waaaaay over the top for you, I get it.

When it comes to design style, most people don’t embrace Maximalism or Minimalism, they’re in between. It’s the ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears design style.’ You don’t want your ‘porridge’ (‘er design’) too salty, or too sweet, you want it just right! It’s not too far ‘left’ or ‘right’ (and no this IS NOT a political reference- ha! ha!).

And I’m wondering if I’m the only one wacky enough to describe the Transitionalist style as the ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Style,’ but I digress.

And although you may have heard the term ‘Transitionalist’ design, it can be a concept which is hard to get your arms around. And if that’s the case, here’s characteristics of a Transitionalist bathroom design:

Characteristics of a Transitionalist Bathroom Design

  • It’s been described as the ‘transit,’ or place in between, traditional and modern designs.
  • It can incorporate ‘contemporary’ elements because it’s constantly evolving as trends change.
  • A lot of hotels use Transitionalist design because it appeals to a broad group of guests. And hotels are a wonderful place to gain design inspiration for a Transitionalist bathroom.
  • It’s a place where ‘Pottery Barn’ meets ‘Crate and Barrel.’ These stores have a lot of Transitionalist pieces.
  • It’s often a more neutral color palette.
  • You can combine different design styles in the same space with a Transitionalist design.

And since ‘Transitionalist’ is a middle-of-the-road style (and a safer, more timeless look)– it’s less extreme than Maximalist, and also the most popular. Homeowners and building owners alike can’t get enough of this style which include whites, grays, earth-tones, and classic marble bathroom designs.

And this desire for or more marble patterns has inspired the introduction of 2 new bathroom wall panel patterns including ‘black marble’ and ‘grey stone marble designs’ below. Do either of these patterns inspire you?

Transitionalist black marble wall panels | Innovate Building Solutions | Black Marble 24x24 | Shower Design ideas | Bathroom Remodel | Wall Panels Pattern | Transitional
Black Marble 24×24
Transitionalist Grey Stone shower wall panels | Innovate Building Solutions | Shower Design | Bathroom Remodel Shower Remodel Ideas | Bathroom Design
Grey Stone

If you’d like more insights on designing with a Transitionalist look, I’ve included a video below from Olga Gomes of OG Design Studio titled Timeless Bathroom Design Styles.

 Here’s a few ideas I learned from Olga’s video, and a few other sources, on how to create a Transitionalist bathroom design (also called a timeless design):

Ideas to create a Transitionalist Design in your bathroom

  •  It’s all about balance. For example, you could use traditional marble shower wall surround panels with modern bathroom lighting to create this look.
  • Traditionalist design prefers a neutral color palette, but unlike the Scandinavian décor discussed below, pops of color are still encouraged.
  • A smart way to get Transitionalist décor ideas is to research what’s used in hotel bathrooms. They provide a wealth of inspiration.
  • Shaker vanity cabinets are often used in Transitionalist bathrooms because they provide character without being too stylized.
  • It’s OK to mix matte and gloss finishes.
  • An ‘all white bathroom,’ and ‘black and white bathrooms’ are two popular types of Transitionalist bathrooms which have a contemporary, yet timeless look.
  • Stay away from ornate moldings. Flat moldings work quite well for this style.
  • Add warmth with wood cabinets, wood shelves, or teak fold seats.
  • Geometric patterns – like those shown in the popular black hexagon wall panels paired with Bianco marble panels used on the sides of the acrylic freestanding tub below, work well in a Transitionalist design.

Transitionalist end of section | Innovate Building Solutions | bathroom remodel | Master Bathroom Design | Shower Ideas for your bathroom Cleveland Ohio

While Transitionalist and Maximalist are two décor approaches, they’re in no way the only ones. And for anyone who has ever visited an IKEA store you’ve also been immersed in the popular design style known as Scandinavian. So – let’s now look at two new patterns with a Scandinavian design flair and get ideas on how to pull this look off.

Two new shower wall panel patterns in a ‘Scandinavian’ décor. Are you looking for a warm, cozy, and light-filled bathroom?

If you love to shop in IKEA, then you’ve lived Scandinavian design (and likely eaten Swedish meatballs and fantastic chocolate covered cookies … now I’m getting hungry…and sorry there’s no button to get free food in this post!).

And although ‘Scandi’ design isn’t for everyone – it can create a calming, spa-like bathroom. And if you’re wondering exactly what is Scandinavian design, here’s characteristics of this décor.

Characteristics of a Scandinavian Bathroom Design

  • Since Scandinavian countries (where this style evolved) are cold, the goal of this style is to create light, airy, cozy, and warm spaces.
  • This style is NOT for people who love color. Scandi design has a cohesive color pallet. You’ll find lots of neutral colors – beiges and white are most popular.
  • It’s associated with clean lines, and using cabinets with flat door and drawer fronts (also called Euro style fronts).
  • Wood (or wood-looking) flooring is popular in a Scandinavian bathroom, generally in lighter tones.
  • It’s all about functionality.
  • Like Transitionalist designs, Scandi is a ‘down the middle’ style (it’s not bold).

 And since a Scandinavian design is known for it’s lighter, warmer, color palettes – this new light wood shower panel, or the beige and light gray mixture in this ‘moonstone shower wall design’ creates the ‘Scandinavian-esque’ look you may want for your next bathroom remodel or new home.

Scandinavian light wood shower wall panels | Innovate Building Solutions | Bathroom Remodel | Shower Design Ideas | Scandinavian Design | Bathroom Remodel wood textured
Light Wood
Scandinavian moonstone shower wall panels | innovate building solutions | bathroom Remodeling ideas | Shower Design ideas | moonstone slate shower | light marble bathroom deisgn

And while you can get the experience of Scandinavian design by walking through IKEA (if you have one of their massive stores near you), you may still be wondering, “How the heck (‘choice’ word I used because this is a family-friendly blog) can I get this look in my bathroom?” Well once again I found the video below by Nick Lewis titled How to Decorate Scandinavianhelpful.

Here’s ideas I learned from Nick’s video, and other sources, about how to pull off a Scandinavian design in your bathroom:

Ideas to create a Scandinavian Design in your bathroom

  •  Minimize the number of colors.
  • Maximize natural light with skylights, transom windows or an obscure glass block bathroom window if you need privacy. Or if it’s not cost effective to add natural light, then look for ways to add task lighting around your vanity or shower areas.
  • Use plants to add pops of color and bring the outdoors into your newly decorated bathroom.
  • Think simple in the design of your vanity cabinets. Don’t use fancy ornamental knobs or handles. Don’t use ornate door and drawer fronts. Flat, clean, and simple is the Scandi way.
  • Keep your floors lighter. Blonde, wood floors (or better yet, easy to maintain luxury vinyl plank floors) are popular.
  • Consider wood designs for your shower or tub surround. Make sure the wood pattern IS NOT ‘too patterned.’ Understated is the word here.

So, which shower wall panel patterns, and interior design style(s), fit you? Do you need help choosing bathroom products to fit your décor selection?

Interior design, and bathroom interior design in particular, can be overwhelming. There’s so much to choose from for most people’s (generally) small space.

The challenge is, how can you not only make sure your bathroom is safe, and simple to maintain (especially if you’re the one doing the maintenance!), but also has a sense of style which fits the look you want?

If you struggle with this, here’s 3 recommendations:

  • Recommendation #1 – Experiment with a bathroom visualizer (like shown below). It allows you to ‘try out’ different looks BEFORE plunking money down!
  • Recommendation #2 – Call a Bathroom Specialist at Innovate Building Solutions at 877-668-5888. They’ll help with selections and save you time finding the right products. And if you’re looking for a Cleveland bathroom contractor call 216-658-1270. And yes, these are my companies. Hey, you’ve gotta pay the bills some way!
  • Recommendation #3 – Ask for a referral for a bathroom remodeling contractor in your town to develop a plan and quote your project. Contact the team at Innovate Building Solutions and ask for an installing bathroom dealer near you.

And if you’re a bathroom contractor, a kitchen and bath showroom, or multi-unit property owner (or buyer) looking to purchase bathroom products or stylish shower walls call me at 888-467-7488 or visit the wall panel dealership or multi-unit wall panel supply areas of our site.

Thanks for your time learning about these 3 interior design styles and 6 new bathroom wall surround patterns. We hope you’re as inspired by the design possibilities with them as we are!




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