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What’s the best material to use on shower walls? A comprehensive guide… with recommendations.

What’s the best material to use on shower walls A comprehensive guide… with recommendations | Innovate Building Solutions | bathroom remodeling ideas | Shower design Ideas | Bathroom Wall Panels

When I’m asked, “Mike, what’s the best material to use on shower walls (or tub walls for that matter), I’ll say…”

 “Shower wall materials are like people – they all have their own strengths and weaknesses.”

And while this statement is true, I know it DOES NOT help you pick what’s best for your job. And while I could also say, “The best shower wall materials are the ones my company wholesales and installs, that’d be just a ‘tad’ self-serving, don’t you think?”

 So, in this article – here’s my goal. I’m going to analyze 8 shower wall materials along 11 criterion (and yes, I KNOW that’s a lot of factors). Then I’ll summarize each selection and give you my feeling of who(m) that choice is best suited for.

At the end – I’d love for you to add your ‘2 cents worth’ about these two questions.

  • Which of these shower materials do you love? Which do you hate?
  • Which do you think is best for your next project?

And if you’re still ‘dumb-founded’ (which is a funny word, isn’t it?), give me your questions about these materials or others, and I’ll do my best to guide you to the best shower wall selection based on what you tell me.

And to not show any favoritism I’m going to evaluate them in alphabetical order. That’s as fair and square way as I know, although those people whose last names end in ‘Z’ might not agree, as I’m sure you HATED being last for so many things when growing up…ha! ha!).

Let’s check out the 8 shower wall material options and figure out which is best for your project.  

Option #1 – Acrylic shower wall panels

The popularity of acrylic shower wall panels has grown as fast as the ‘one day bathroom’ companies selling and installing them. They’re ubiquitous (OK – that’s a fancy word I used which means ‘everywhere’, so you’d think I was smart…is it working?). So, how do acrylic wall panels fare across our 11 criterion.

  • Budget – Acrylic wall panels are generally on the lower side of the price scale. However, be careful, some ‘one day bathroom’ companies who install acrylic wall panels will charge more than you’d think.
  • Look/design options – IMHO acrylic wall panels look cheap because they’re a molded plastic. The design options have grown from the days of white-only panels, but the options in matte finishes are limited.
  • Ease of installation/DIY friendly – They’re simple to install. They’re glued onto moisture resistant greenboard.
  • Warranty – Can vary across manufacturers, but many bath in a day acrylic installation companies offer limited lifetime warranties. Acrylic panels bought through retail outlets will have shorter warranties ranging from a year to 5 years.
  • Durability- Although these panels are only 1/8” thick, they usually hold up well on the walls, but some acrylic shower pans ARE NOT as sturdy as the walls which are installed over backer board.
  • Natural/realistic looking products – This is NOT an area acrylic ‘scores’ high. Molded acrylic panels look plasticky and cheap (IMHO).

Option 1 acrylic shower wall panels | Innovate Building Solutions | Cleveland Bathroom Remodel | Home Remodeling Ideas | bathroom tips and tricks

  • Cleaning/maintenance – Super easy to clean. Non-abrasives cleaners work best.
  • Finish/style options – Acrylic has progressed with finish/style options, but it’s still limited (mostly) to glossy panels. The acrylic patterns which are molded to look like stone or tiles – won’t fool many people into thinking they’re the real thing.
  • Prone to leaks/mold – Acrylic is 100% waterproof. The only mold challenges can be the sealant around the corners or at the bottom of the panels. Now, if only someone could invent a mold-proof sealant – they’d be RICH beyond belief!
  • Material thickness/crackability – These panels are thin at 1/8”, but not prone to cracking (except during installation).
  • Lead time – Acrylic panels can be bought from stock at home center stores, so you can get them quick.

Who are acrylic wall panels best for? What’s nice about acrylic wall panels is there are TONS of companies who install them, and they’re (generally) not too expensive (if you stay away from the big franchise installation companies whose pricing has caused more than a few customers to drop off their chair). As long as style is not a big factor, they’re simple to maintain and a sound choice.

Option #2 – Ceramic tile shower wall surrounds

Ceramic tiles have been around FOR-EVER! Ceramic tiles are a clay-based material which is simpler to cut than marble or glass tiles. As you’ll see below, design options are limitless.

Option 2 ceramic tile shower wall surrounds herringbone | Innovate Building Solutions | Cleveland Bathroom Remodel | Home Design Ideas | Ceramic Tile Benefits

  • Budget – Professionally installed ceramic tile showers are expensive (especially if they’re done with waterproof wall backer boards, by professional tile setters). DIY tile showers can be cost-effective IF you have the tools, and the time to do the job (and you view your ‘free time’ as ‘free.’ Besides, wouldn’t you rather be tiling a shower than golfing or shopping? And yes, that sarcasm was intended.
  • Look/design options – You can get gloss finishes, matte finishes, textures, large format tiles, mosaics, you name it. Mix and match patterns to your hearts content.
  • Ease of installation/DIY friendly – Ceramic tile is involved and time-consuming to install. It’s not usually the price of the tile which kills a remodeling budget, it’s the price of the labor. If you HATE contractors (a la Eldon the Painter from the old comedy series, Murphy Brown) who are in your home FOR-EVER – this IS NOT a great option.
  • Warranty – Tile installation warranties range from ‘non-existent’ to ‘5 years.’ This doesn’t give you a lot of ‘comfort’ if your tile shower walls or shower base fail. In this case, you’ll be on your own with an expensive repair. Learn about tile warranties by reading, “What’s the warranty of your tile shower surround or grout free wall panels?”
  • Durability- Although ceramic tiles can last, they’re also more prone to cracking (as I know personally from the ceramic tile shower I replaced in my recent bathroom remodel. Get pointers from my job by reading, 15 Lessons You can Learn from my Safer, Simpler, and More Stylish Master Bathroom.
  • Natural/realistic looking products – This natural clay product is the real McCoy. This is why you’ll see this material in many luxury bathrooms.
  • Cleaning/maintenance – Tile is a PIA to clean! And generally, it’s not the ‘tile’s fault,’ it’s the evil grout joint which comes with the tile. Minimize cleaning challenges by using urethane or epoxy grout or hire a ‘Grout Medic/Grout Doctor’ (and I think these grout cleaning franchises use ‘medical references because SO MANY tile showers are on ‘life support’ and desperately need to be revived!) franchise to clean your tiles and grout joints for you (if you’ve got the disposable income…and your kids aren’t eating it all up!).
  • Finish/style options – Almost unlimited. Gloss tiles, matte finish tiles, tiles with textures, big tiles, small tiles, you name it, it’s out there.
  • Prone to leaks/mold – Ceramic tiles are not waterproof, they’re water resistant. The ‘waterproofing of a tile shower is ‘behind the wall,’ not in front of the wall. If you worry about a leaky shower or mold, think twice before choosing ceramic tiles.
  • Material thickness/crackability – Ceramic tiles are generally 3/8” thick – but are prone to cracking. However, the positive with ceramic tiles is it is possible to replace a single tile which cracks, unlike wall panels where you’ll need to replace the entire sheet.
  • Lead time – With tile the availability depends on the specific tile you choose, and whether you can find a tile setter (which may be a bigger challenge than finding the tiles) if you’re not DIYing the job.

Who are ceramic tile shower surrounds best for? If you love a unique look, and are ready, willing, and able to put up with maintenance hassles (or hire someone to do it for you), then a ceramic tile shower surround can be for you.

Option #3 – Fiberglass shower wall panels

If you live in a home built by a production builder, you’re familiar with fiberglass ‘one piece’ shower wall systems. They’re popular with production builders because (and I’ll bet you’re going to guess this one correct) …. they’re CHEAP. And I mean this in a positive and negative way.

So, let’s look at how fiberglass shower walls score along our 11 criterion.

  • Budget – Very budget friendly. In new construction (and especially in the kids or hall bathrooms) you’ll often see ‘one piece fiberglass showers’ which have the base and walls built as one unit. In replacement showers, you’ll find fiberglass wall surround panels made in common sizes and in stock at local home improvement stores.
  • Look/design options – Very limited. Fiberglass panels are molded (at scale) in white smooth or subway tile patterns, most often. You won’t win any ‘style points’ or be featured in an interior design magazine with these wall panels!

Option 3 fiberglass shower wall panels image from | Innovate Building Solutions | Cleveland Ohio Bathroom Remodel | Ohio Bathroom Contractors | Bathroom Design Ideas | new Home build

  • Ease of installation/DIY friendly – Fiberglass panels are installed direct to stud – or glued over a moisture resistant greenboard. They’re DIY friendly and simple to install.
  • Warranty – Very limited warranties. 1 to 5 years are common.
  • Durability- These panels are 1/8” thick (or thinner) and the shower pans in this material have NOT been known to be very durable.
  • Natural/realistic looking products – These panels are not natural or ‘fashion-forward,’ shall we say. They’re molded, and cheap to manufacture. And they look molded, and cheap!
  • Cleaning/maintenance – Fiberglass panels, when new, are simple to wipe but can get dirt trapped in them or yellow as they age. Then they become IMPOSSIBLE to clean.
  • Finish/style options – Fiberglass panels are molded, usually in white high gloss panels. Style IS NOT it’s middle name!
  • Prone to leaks/mold – Fiberglass is waterproof– however, some systems are thin, and known to crack.
  • Material thickness/crackability – Fiberglass shower panels (or one piece systems) are 1/8” or thinner and can crack (especially the shower pans).
  • Ability to customize – These panels only come in standard sizes. Customization is practically non-existent.
  • Lead time – Fiberglass panels are stocked in home center or building supply stores, so standard sizes are readily available.

Who are fiberglass wall panels best for? If you’ve got a tight budget – and have a standard sized shower, and don’t care about style, fiberglass panels make sense.

Option #4 – Glass tile shower surrounds  

If you’re looking for a ‘show-stopping’ material which makes your bathroom feel larger, glass tiles (on one or more walls) can be a solution. However, they aren’t cheap. Let’s look at how glass tile shower surrounds score along our 11 criterion.

  • Budget – Real glass tiles (and be wary of imitations) are NOT for the ‘tight-wad’ in the family. This is why they’re often used as an accent wall, not necessarily for all the walls in the shower.
  • Look/design options – Sleek, contemporary, stylish are all words to describe glass tiles. They’re available in gloss and matte finishes (although gloss glass tiles are more popular).
  • Ease of installation/DIY friendly – The hardness of this material makes it difficult to cut – and a less popular choice for DIY’ers than traditional ceramic tile. It’s recommended by professional tile setters to use a white thin set which won’t yellow with a glass tile installation.
  • Warranty – Many of the warranties I saw from glass tile manufacturers were one year. And the installation warranties on tile installations (as mentioned in option 2) can range from ‘non-existent’ to 5 years maximum.
  • Durability- Glass tiles are durable and range from 1/8” to ¾” thick.
  • Natural/realistic looking products – Glass tiles provide a natural, reflective surface which makes a small bathroom (with limited lighting) feel bigger.
  • Cleaning/maintenance – Glass tiles are simple to clean with a soft cloth and sponge. Stay away from abrasive cleaners which could scratch the surface.
  • Finish/style options – Glass tiles come in different sizes and in matte and gloss finishes.
  • Prone to leaks/mold – While the tiles themselves will not leak, be careful to use the best grout between the tiles (and proper wall backer board behind the tiles) to minimize the chance of leaks.
  • Material thickness/crackability – Again these tiles range from 1/8” to ¾” thick and are hard to crack.
  • Ability to customize – While it’s not simple to cut glass tiles – they are often used in custom showers in high end homes where customization is essential. Be prepared for this installation to be even more expensive than ceramic tiles (which aren’t cheap either!) due to the difficulty of cutting the material.
Option 4 glass tile shower surround credit | Innovate Building Solutions | Cleveland Bathroom Remodel | Cleveland Design Ideas | Bathroom Remodel ideas | Tile Shower
Image Source:
  • Lead time – With tile the availability depends on the specific tile you choose, and the availability of a tile setter (which may be a bigger challenge than finding the tiles).

Who are glass tile surrounds best for? If you’re looking for style, improved lighting for a smaller or darker bathroom, a contemporary look, and have a good-sized budget – a glass tile feature wall (or glass tile shower surrounds) are an impactful choice.

Option #5 – Laminate shower surround panels  

If you’re looking for an upgraded shower wall surround – which looks realistic, isn’t too expensive (or too cheap), offers a lot of patterns, laminate shower panels are a smart choice.

Let’s see how these panels score along our 11 criterion.

  • Budget – Laminate shower panels are mid-priced. They’ll cost more (generally) than fiberglass and acrylic wall surrounds, but less than a ceramic or glass tile project professionally installed.
  • Look/design options – While there’s over 700 options available, since they’re imported from Norway, check on what’s in stock in this country. You’ll find 31 popular patterns available for immediate shipment which fit a broad range of decors.
  • Ease of installation/DIY friendly – Since these panels click and lock together (like laminate flooring) the installation is DIY friendly. It also saves contractors, who normally install tile, a significant amount of time (and reduces project costs).

Option 5 ease of installation laminate shower panels | Innovate Building Solutions | bathroom remodel | home design ideas | bathroom in Cleveland Ohio

  • Warranty – With a lifetime residential warranty – backed by a product which was invented 41 years ago – you can rest assured this material will look nice in your shower for the long run.
  • Durability- Laminate shower panels are 3/8” thick and durable. They have a high pressure laminate front, applied onto a marine grade plywood backer board (the same material used on boats) with a vapor barrier in the back. They’re designed for shower surrounds, tub surrounds, and bathroom walls.
  • Natural/realistic looking products – This is where this product has it all over fiberglass, acrylic, and solid surface (or cultured granite wall panels) IMHO. They look like the ‘real thing,’ yet are 100% waterproof and simple to clean.

Option 5 natural realistic look aberdeen brick wall panel | Innovate Building Solutions | bathroom remodel ideas | Shower design tips | bathroom remodeling in akron ohio

  • Cleaning/maintenance – They’re simple to clean with non-abrasive cleaners.
  • Finish/style options – You’ll find gloss and matte finishes in these panels. And since they’re made through a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) manufacturing process, they’re up to date with today’s styles because a new ‘mold’ isn’t required to create a new pattern (like IS the case with molded panels made of acrylic, fiberglass or cultured stone).

Option 5 laminate shower surrounds black hex bianco marble | Bathroom remodeling ideas | Cleveland Wall Panels | Grout free wall panels in cleveland, ohio

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  • Prone to leaks/mold – The product is waterproof through its click-lock design and has a hybrid polymer sealant used between the 2’ wide x 8’ tall panels. Installations with laminate wall panels have sealant in the corners and where the wall panels meet a shower pan or one level wet room floor.
  • Material thickness/crackability – High pressure laminate wall panels are 3/8” thick, and not prone to cracking during installation or after the product’s installed.
  • Ability to customize – Since the panels can be cut to fit, it’s as simple to build a custom shower as it is a ‘standard sized’ shower. Simply figure out how many 2’ wide panels you need for each wall. The video shows you how to order laminate wall panels for a custom – or standard sized shower.

  • Lead time – There are 31 patterns available for immediate shipment. If you’re looking for one of the other 670 patterns in this line, they’re available for custom order – but you’ll need to wait until the next container arrives (which is a 2 to 3 month lead time).

Option 5 look design option Cleveland warehouse laminate | Cleveland Ohio | bathroom remodeling ideas | Shower design ideas | Cleveland bathroom remodel

Who are laminate shower surrounds best for? If you’re looking for style, an updated look, a 100% waterproof panel system, ease of cleaning, at a mid-priced budget, this is where laminate panels are a sound choice.

Option #6 – Optical grade high gloss acrylic shower surrounds  

If you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a contemporary aesthetic (now, that’s a fancy ‘interior designer’ word I’m using, to impress you with ‘my ‘designer-ness!) and have a large budget, optical grade acrylic wall panels are a fun choice.

Option 6 high gloss acrylic wall panels glacier Innovate | Innovate Building Solutions | High Gloss Wall Panels | bathroom remodeling companies | high gloss wall panels

Let’s see how these panels score along our 11 criterion.

  • Budget – These panels ARE expensive! They’ll cost 2x the price of the solid surface or laminate wall panels and are 3-4 times more expensive than acrylic or fiberglass panels.
  • Look/design options – If you want contemporary – highly reflective walls which demand attention in your modern bathroom, this is a look you’ve got to see. These panels are available in high gloss colors only.
  • Ease of installation/DIY friendly – While these panels are simple to adhere to moisture resistant greenboard, you need to be careful cutting them. They need to be clamped when cut, or they’re susceptible to cracking.
  • Warranty – These panels have a 10 year warranty.
  • Durability- Optical grade high gloss acrylic panels do have a hard top coating, but scratches can be amplified in any high gloss surface.
  • Natural/realistic looking products – These panels are a ‘dead-ringer’ for back-painted glass, and are simpler to install, and look like real glass for a smaller budget than back-painted glass.
  • Cleaning/maintenance – The key is to use non-abrasive cleaners.
  • Finish/style options – There are 8 high gloss colors, however, there’s no matte finish panels available in the U.S. at this time.
  • Prone to leaks/mold – Since the panels are 100% waterproof they’re not prone to leaks or mold and can even be used in a steam shower.
  • Material thickness/crackability – At 7/16” thick, you need to be careful cutting these panels – especially if you’re trying to install a recessed niche or make difficult angled cuts.
  • Ability to customize – It’s not hard to install a custom shower with high gloss acrylic panels – although you may see a seam if your shower has walls wider than 60”.
  • Lead time – These 8 colors are available from stock through specialty distributors.

Who are optical grade high gloss shower surrounds best for? If you love a modern look, have a good-sized budget, want to make your bathroom ‘feel’ bigger with a high gloss look – these panels are a unique alternative.

Option #7 – PVC composite shower surrounds  

Oh, the magic of digital printing. 10 to 20 years ago these PVC composite panels would not have been a possibility, but with today’s printing technology, they’re a stylish – and a time-effective to install – alternative.

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Option 7 PVC composite shower wall panels | Innovate Building Solutions | PVC wall panels | Bathroom remodeling Companies | bathroom design ideas | Home Remodeling tips

Let’s see how PVC composite shower panels score along our 11 criterion.

  • Budget – These panels are a mid-priced option (similar to laminate panels mentioned above, and slightly lower in cost than solid surface or cultured marble panels). They’ll be more expensive than fiberglass and acrylic shower surrounds.
  • Look/design options – If you like a faux marble or granite look – there’s plenty of choices in this line. However, if you want a (realistic looking) tile or stone tile pattern, they’re not too snazzy since the panels are printed on a smooth surface, so there’s no 3-dimensional quality to them.
  • Ease of installation/DIY friendly – These panels are super-easy to install. Use adhesive and glue them over a moisture resistant greenboard. They even have trim panels for the sides which are 3” wide. These trim pieces give you A LOT of wiggle room to mess up your cuts (and that’s assuming you’ve EVER done that, which I’m sure your spouse or significant ‘utter’ will chime in has NEVER happened to you– ha! ha!).
  • Warranty – These panels have a 5 year warranty for a DIY installation and a lifetime warranty installed through an authorized contractor.
  • Durability- There is a hard-coat top surface to these panels, but they can be dented since they’re made of PVC.
  • Natural/realistic looking products – These digitally printed panels look realistic in faux marble or granite patterns but stay away from the tile patterns (they look fake because they’re printed on a flat surface).
  • Cleaning/maintenance – Cleaning is easy with non-abrasive cleaners.
  • Finish/style options – There are 22 patterns in a semi-gloss finish. Matte and high gloss finishes aren’t available.
  • Prone to leaks/mold – Since the panels are 100% waterproof they’re not prone to leaks or mold.
  • Material thickness/crackability – At 1/4” thick, and made of PVC, they aren’t prone to cracking.
  • Ability to customize – These panels can be joined using trim pieces to make any custom width possible.
  • Lead time – These panels are available through home centers or specialty distributors in a couple of weeks.

Who are PVC composite shower surrounds best for? If you love the traditional (or transitional) look of marble or granite yet can’t afford the real thing and/or don’t want the maintenance, PVC shower surround panels are a good choice.

Option #8 – Solid surface (or cultured marble or cultured granite) shower surrounds  

If you love the security of a thick, solid surface – these panels are a practical choice.

Option 8 solid surface cultured granite shower panels | Innovate Building Solutions | bathroom remodeling ideas | Cultured Granite wall panels | Shower design ideas | Custom shower bases

Let’s see how solid surface (which includes cultured marble and cultured granite shower panels) score along our 11 criterion.

  • Budget – Solid surface shower panels range from mid-priced to the higher end of the scale (but usually not as expensive as a professional ceramic tile or glass tile installation).
  • Look/design options – While you can get molded solid surface and cultured granite panels in tile and stone designs, it won’t take a ‘crack detective’ (and no, I’m NOT referring to the annoying ‘butt crack shower reference’ becoming famous in the new Lume commercial you’ll see below) to determine they’re not the real thing. Most solid surface designs are only available in gloss finishes, which aren’t as popular as matte finishes (like you’re seeing with matte black and brushed brass shower hardware becoming all the rage) used in today’s contemporary bathrooms.

  • Ease of installation/DIY friendly – While these panels are heavy (and difficult to maneuver into a bathroom) – they are simply glued onto moisture resistant greenboard and are surprisingly easy to cut.
  • Warranty – The warranty ranges from 2 years to a lifetime warranty, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Durability- Solid surface and cultured stone panels are built like a rock. They’re hard to break or crack once they’re installed.
  • Natural/realistic looking products – This engineered, man-made stone looks like an engineered, man-made material. It’s a ‘C- ‘in the looks department. They’re pretty doggone bland IMHO, but boy is it durable.
  • Cleaning/maintenance – Solid surface is simple to clean using non-abrasive cleaners.
  • Finish/style options – Depending on the manufacturer, you’ll find from 20 to 50 gloss finished patterns in each manufacturer’s line.
  • Prone to leaks/mold – Since these panels are non-porous, the only place you could see mold is in a sealant joint at the corners or at the bottom of the panels (above the shower pan or tub deck).
  • Material thickness/crackability – At 1/4” to 3/8” thick, they’re hard to crack (except during installation – where these heavy panels can snap if bent too far…. until they’re put on the wall).
  • Ability to customize – Depending on the manufacturer these panels are available in multiple sizes and are (generally) made to order.
  • Lead time – Custom solid surface walls take from 4 to 12 weeks to get from a specialty distributor, however you can find standard sizes in some home centers.

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Who are solid surface (or cultured marble or granite) shower surrounds best for? If you want a sturdy, non-porous shower wall panel system, which is simple to maintain (but understated – ‘er, that’s code word for boring – to look at), and is in the mid-high price range, solid surface is a sound choice.

So, which shower wall panel material is best for you? What questions can I answer about these, or other, options?

I know I gave you a lot to consider in these 8 shower wall panel options – and as I stated in the beginning they ALL have their strengths and weaknesses.

However, given what you’ve read, which do you think is best for you?

Do you have questions about any of these systems (or others you’re checking out, because this article IS NOT the exhaustive list of everything on the market) I can answer?

And if your bathroom remodeling project (or shower wall surround selection) is already blowing your mind, I’d say to you – why put yourself through the aggravation of trying to figure it out alone?

Contact a Bathroom Specialist at Innovate Building Solutions to learn about shower panels which can be supplied for a job ANYWHERE in the United States. Call 877-668-5888 or fill out a Free Estimate Form (or ask for a referral to an installing shower wall panel dealer in your town).

And if you’re a bathroom contractor, a kitchen and bath showroom, or multi-unit property owner (or buyer) looking to purchase shower or tub wall panels call me at 888-467-7488 or visit the wall panel dealership or multi-unit wall panel supply areas of our site.

And lastly if you’re looking for an Akron or Cleveland bathroom remodeling contractor call 216-531-6085. Our northeastern Ohio team would love to help.

Thanks for reading and learning about shower wall material options. As selections have grown, it’s tougher than ever knowing what to choose, so let us help you.

And BTW – if you’re an installing contractor and would like to learn about becoming a dealer of laminate wall panels manufactured by Fibo (and other bath/shower products) call me at 888-467-7488.




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