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Bathroom, Kitchen, Basement Design & Remodeling Ideas for the Nicest Home or Business on the Block

High Gloss Decorative Acrylic Shower Tub Wall Surrounds Add Contemporary Style and Reduce Maintenance


High Gloss Blue Color Acrylic Shower Wall Surround with Glass Block Walk in Shower

Tile tub and shower wall surrounds can look great when they’re first completed but without the proper upkeep (and who really has time and desire to seal the joints and get rid of the nasty dirt and mildew between the joints) can look scummy and unattractive over time. If you’re looking for a contemporary, sleek, modern and European inspired look for your bath or shower space a new product to consider is a high gloss acrylic shower wall surround or tub surround. Read below to learn more about the frequently asked questions about this product:

What is a high gloss acrylic wall surround? Where can these walls be used?


A high gloss wall surround is a smooth acrylic material that features an integrated color layer, a thick optical grade clear layer and a high performance hard coat on the outer exterior. This material provides high chemical and stain resistance. This product can be used as a shower or tub wall, for a kitchen backsplash or for a decorative interior wall surface where there is a desire for a modern contemporary Euro design look.


What are the main benefits?


These walls come in a wide range of colors, are easy to install and will not scratch, crack, warp, stain or discolor from normal residential or commercial use.


What is different about this material than other acrylic walls on the market?


While the standard acrylic walls available on the market today are available in a variety of solid colors, metallic, granite and marble finishes none of them are available in a bright assortment of colors (like these glossy walls) that provides an “all-glass” contemporary Euro inspired look. These walls have the a glossy lustrous surface, have the depth of color (like glass) and will transform and add pop and color to any new construction or bathroom remodeling project.


What colors are available?


Standard colors include blue atoll, artic, glacier and ivory. Special order colors include mocha and carbon.


What type of maintenance is involved in these walls?


These walls are cleaned using warm water and a soft micro fiber cloth or chamois. There is no grouting between the shower wall panels to have to worry about. The non-stick surface will not harbor mold or soap build up.


How difficult is it to install these high gloss wall sections? Can the walls be installed by a DIY’er?


The Lustrolite high gloss wall system can be installed over new or existing wall finishes. The material can be cut or drilled on site with normal wood working tools. A typical wall panel takes approximately 1/3 of the time to install than a tile shower or tub wall. The joints between the panels are sealed with a neutral cure transparent silicone. The panels can either be professionally installed (which will come with a labor warranty) or done by a do it yourselfer.


What size wall sections are available?


36” x 96”, 36” x 81” and 72” x 60”.


How does the price of high gloss acrylic walls compare with fiberglass, tile or solid surface wall surrounds?


High gloss walls are not the most expensive or the least expensive type of shower or tub wall material. It will be more expensive than standard acrylic or fiberglass walls. High gloss will be comparable in cost to solid surface wall or tile walls.


Do you have any questions or thoughts about the high gloss acrylic walls systems? Please comment below.



If you’re looking for more information on high gloss acrylic walls surrounds (for a tub or shower space) or tile or stone shower walls visit The Bath Doctor (Nationwide supply – 855-252-7294),  Cleveland (216-531-6085) , Columbus (614-252-7294), Dayton or Cincinnati Ohio (513-742-6679) or for a more extensive bathroom remodeling project visit Cleveland Design & Remodeling and Cincinnati Design and Remodeling.


Mike Foti

President of Innovate Building Solutions a nationwide supplier and regional (Cleveland and Columbus) remodeling contractors. Some of our product lines include glass counters, floors, backsplashes, glass blocks and grout free shower and tub wall panels

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  • Sally – this product can be purchased through Innovate Building Solutions ( Just call and provide some information about what type of project you’re looking to do and the approximate size of the walls and they can guide you on the most efficient wall panels and installation approach for using the high gloss walls.

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    Would like to know where to purchase this, price and measurements of the high gloss blue tile.

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