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News from the Block, Innovate Building Solutions Blog
Bathroom, Kitchen, Basement Design & Remodeling Ideas for the Nicest Home or Business on the Block
Bathroom, Kitchen, Basement Design & Remodeling Ideas for the Nicest Home or Business on the Block

Stylish and Practical Exterior Doors and Windows add Curb Appeal

Looking for a unique and stylish entry way or exterior window? Exterior products are more than just a door or just a window; these products add personality and curb appeal to your home.  An artistically designed door not only allows visitors to come in but it invites them in.


Doors can be customized with an array of options including decorative glass and caming patterns, inspirations art glass, colored thresholds, distinctive hardware and deadbolts, multiple paint and stain options, transom windows and much more!

Exterior Steel Entry Doors

White door with glass

The first impression visitors get of your home is the front door, and a beautiful steel door with decorative glass creates a lasting first impression adding both style and resale value. Steel entry doors can be painted or stained to further improve energy efficiency, value and curb appeal, and they are lower-priced than wood or fiberglass doors. A steel entry door is a combination of a thick steel skin with a polyurethane foam core. The polyurethane foam core is highly energy efficient which reduces heating and cooling costs. Coupled with energy-efficient glass, a steel door becomes even more efficient and cost-effective. Unlike a wooden door, a steel door will never splinter or rot, thus resulting in lower maintenance costs. Aside from efficiency and beauty, a steel door adds security and safety. The steel edges create a stable and strong perimeter and are more fire resistant than any other style of door; a steel entry way provides a 90-minute fire wall in case of emergency.

Exterior Fiberglass Front Entry Doors

Brown double front entry door

Fiberglass front entry doors provide long-term value, durability and energy efficiency. With a combination of reinforced skin and a foam core, fiberglass achieves the look of natural wood without all the hassle and maintenance of real wood. Real wood doors can warp or rot over time leading to maintenance headaches. A fiberglass door, however, uses a dual technology to resist the wear and tear of time, which saves home owners money in the long run. Furthermore, this door style is easy on the eyes, so installing one increases resale value. The wood look and feel is achieved by a custom molding process, which creates deep wood grain details. It is all the benefit of natural wood without the hassle. These doors can be installed as a front, back or garage entrance and come in single, double, sidelight or French door styles.

Sliding Glass Patio & French Patio Doors

Sliding glass door

Let there be light! Sliding glass and French patio doors feature different styles, however, both door types function in a similar way: to increase natural light in a space. A sliding glass or French patio door also provides access to a patio or deck and gives owners the option of allowing fresh air into the home. A sliding glass patio door usually has two glass panels; one that is fixed, and one that slides. A French door features two hinged glass doors that meet to close and lock in the center. The basic benefits are improved security with multiple locking points and deadbolts, an increase in home resale value, improved curb appeal and reduced heating and cooling costs. By installing a new vinyl, steel or fiberglass sliding or French door system, home owners can eliminate an outdated, single pane, aluminum sliding door with a worn down weather seal. The large glass panes provide owners a beautiful view to the outside world.


bow style windows

Our wide range of Columbus and Cleveland replacement windows can be overwhelming as we offer many different styles from several manufacturers. However, we will take you through some of the highlights of our Columbus and Cleveland replacement windows: double hung vinyl, picture and sliding windows.

Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows

Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows

Providing owners with a classic style, a double hung vinyl window is a traditional two-sash system that opens by sliding up and down. Although it’s a simple design, it provides excellent complementary style to various home-types, which is a reason for its popularity. Cost-effective and easy to install, a double hung vinyl option is low maintenance, safe for children and eliminates the annual storm window replacement. Since it opens from the top or the bottom, owners can achieve desired airflow without worrying about a child falling out the window.

Picture Windows

Picture window with tub

Picture windows provide an expansive view to the beauty and splendor of the world outside. These windows are typically large, fixed panes that provide amazing views, but do not open.  Picture windows are especially popular in homes located on the water, as they allow owners to enjoy the view of the water. These windows let in large amounts of sunlight and produce a feeling of expansiveness making a room feel larger and more open. When a window is as large as a picture window, people tend to think the price increases significantly; in fact, quite the opposite is the case. Compared to a similarly sized window, picture windows are more affordable due to the lack of moving parts. They come in many different shapes and sizes including square, rectangular and arched and provide a modernized look to enhance architectural interest and resale value. The sunlight that it lets into the home is trapped as heat, so it will lower energy cost in the winter.

Sliding Glass Windows

Slider window with tub

Easy operation, cost-efficiency and fun style is the best way to describe this window. A sliding window can be two or three sashes that slide horizontally left and right. Especially popular for people with disabilities or the elderly, sliding glass windows open on a track for ease of operation. Because of this, sliding windows do not require an operating crank like casement or awning windows. They are popularly used in bathrooms, offices, living rooms or kitchens; however, they are good for anywhere an owner would like them. Basic features include theft-deterrent locks for added safety, simple design, low cost and energy efficiency.

Other windows styles include casement, awning, bay, bow and garden. To find more information on these styles, visit the product section of our website. For more information about Cleveland replacement windows, feel free to call 216-658-1280. For more information about Columbus replacement windows, feel free to call 614-252-3242. Please leave a comment below, and be sure to follow us on Facebook for news updates, pictures and a weekly gift card contest give away!

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