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How much do Fibo laminate wall panels cost?

Opening How much do Fibo laminate wall panels cost | Innovate Building Solutions | bathroom Remodeling | fibo wall panels | Cost of fibo wall panels | Cleveland Remodeling Cost

When I’m asked, “Mike, how much do fibo wall panels cost?” I know I could go back to the ‘handy-dandy’ cop-out answer….

It depends.

And while it’s true that there are factors which impact cost, I’ll bet as someone reading this article you want direct answers to at least have a feeling whether you can afford them or if you’ll be stuck with the ‘cheap stuff’ at Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards.

So – let’s get right to the point. Below I’ll give you answers to questions regarding the cost of Fibo wall panels, how to avoid common buying mistakes, AND then I’ll give you (if you promise NOT to share these ideas) 5 secret tips to save money on these panels vs. competitive systems. Let’s go.

How much will wall panel materials for a standard tub to shower conversion cost using Fibo panels?

The most popular application for Fibo wall panels (or for any type of grout free panels for that matter) is when a homeowner, or landlord wants to do a tub to shower conversion. People are ‘sick and tired’ (like my mom used to say) of yellowed and stained fiberglass one piece surrounds the original home builder put in. Or they no longer want to pull out their ugly scrub brush to attempt to get rid of moldy tile joints or don’t want to live with outdated tile patterns in a tile tub surround.

You want an E-N-D to ugly shower or tub surrounds, and you want to put cleaning these surrounds to a stop once and for all.

And if you’re doing a bathtub to shower conversion with Fibo wall panels expect to pay (for a ‘complete Fibo installation kit’ … and we’ll talk more about this later) from $1,800 to $2,100 for most Fibo wall panel patterns.

And for a quick primer on this topic – watch the cost of Fibo wall panels video below:

How can I avoid common mistakes buying Fibo wall panels?

Although Fibo wall panels were invented 41 years ago in Norway (those Scandinavians do make cool products!) – this doesn’t mean your contractor (or you for that matter) are familiar with buying this product OR how to install it.

And given the fact you’re likely a ‘newbie’ to Fibo panels, here’s 5 points to avoid common buying mistakes.

Point 1) Know how many Fibo wall panels you need.

Since the number of Fibo wall panels required is dependent on the width of your walls, the width of the panels, and on the pattern itself (you want to make sure the ‘faux tiles’ look symmetrical), determining the correct number of panels you buy is critical. You don’t want to scramble later and buy extra panels which need to be crated and sent to you because you did the ‘math’ wrong. So, how can you figure out the right number of panels to order? Here’s 2 ways:

First, read How to Order Fibo Laminate Shower and Bathroom Wall Panels.

Point 1 How to Order Fibo Laminate Shower and Bathroom Wall Panels | Innovate building solutions | Laminate wall panels | How to order wall panels | Shower design ideas

Or if you don’t like to read – watch this video.

And if you want to get really smart read the article AND watch the video!

Point 2) Make sure you get a complete Fibo wall panel kit.

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a product (or a toy for your kids or grandkids for that matter) only to figure out all the parts (or batteries) ARE NOT included!

Get Free Samples!

Click here to request free samples of our Laminated Waterproof Shower Wall Panels.

The same is true with Fibo wall panels. A quality installation is dependent on using the right sealant (Fibo seal), using the correct trim profiles (you should have small L, large L, base and hidden inside corner profiles before you start), the proper spray, wipes, and tools.

DO NOT buy Fibo wall panels and use ‘any old’ sealant. Do it right the first time. Get the complete Fibo wall panel kit which has everything you need. Insist on supplies tested (and approved) by Fibo. As I can hear my dad saying, “don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish.”

Point 3) Know how the product is installed. Know what tools you need. Or maybe better yet, find an installing dealer who will do the job for you.

Here’s an ‘equation’ which doesn’t require an advanced math degree – but if you’re on the ‘wrong end’ of it, it’ll cost you dearly. The equation is….

(A ‘great product,’ poorly installed) = (A LOUSY PRODUCT)

And if you’re a DIY’er and ‘think’ you’ll save money buying from an on-line retailer who you learn later doesn’t know ‘jack’ about installing Fibo wall panels, and may find out later that was a short-sighted decision when you need installation support.

And as a DIY’er we can ALL relate to times when we screwed up a job because you didn’t completely understand the installation process. And yes, I still remember the time I ordered carpet 3 times to do one room because I made THAT MANY ERRORS! And Ok, I’ll admit I’m NOT the brightest tool in the DIY shed!

So, first if you’re a DIY’er make sure you buy from a company who provides technical support. Ask if they have a real live human/employee who has experience installing Fibo panels and can offer you FREE (a key word) installation advice.

Also make sure you have the right tools to do the job. And if you want to learn more about the installation process (and tools required)– watch this Frequently Asked Questions about installing Fibo wall panels video:

And if you wouldn’t touch DIYing your bathroom – then ask for a referral to an authorized installing Fibo dealer.

Point 4) Make sure you use the right backer board.

Although you’ll benefit from getting the complete fibo wall panel kit – realize you’ll also need to buy the backer board from your local home center or lumber dealer to mount the panels.

Use sheets (or strips) of plywood or O.S.B. (which stands for Oriented Strand Board) as the backer behind the Fibo panels. And with the sheets of OSB and blocking (not as in football, but wood behind the wall) you’ll be ready to mount grab bars or fold down seats.

Point 4 installing fibo wall panels on OSB | Innovate Building solutions | bathroom remodel | How to install wall panels | Shower design ideas

 Point 5) Don’t forget about accessories.

Although identifying cool wall panels is an intelligent place to start for a stylish tub or shower surround which isn’t a P.I.A. to clean – don’t forget to order the accessories to make your shower live better.

Common accessories you shouldn’t forget include:

Point 5 fold down seat | Shower accessories | Bathroom shower accessories | Shower design ideas | Fold Down seat

So, what are those ‘secret tips’ I promised to save money on the price of Fibo wall panels vs. other systems?

OK – so now I’ll have to put up or shut up and dish out 5 secret tips to save money with Fibo wall panels vs. competitive systems.

Secret tip #1 to save money with fibo panels– Understand custom showers WILL NOT cost custom prices!

Since most Fibo panels are approximately 2’ wide x 8’ tall and click and lock together – you can do any size shower with them – and it won’t cost more to do a custom size vs. a standard size. And If you’re not sure what I mean, I’ll explain.

First – let’s say you’re doing a ‘standard size’ tub to shower conversion which is 60” x 32”. With Fibo wall panels you’ll need three 2’ panels for the 60” wall and two sets of 2’ panels (one on the left side and one on the right side) to do the 32” wide walls (and you’ll be trimming the boards to fit your alcove shower space). In this example you’ll need a ‘7 panel kit.’

But what’s also true is since these 3 panels on the ‘back wall’ can actually cover 72” (3 panels x 2’)– you could do any size shower wall up to 72” wide. And for the two 2’ panels for the side walls you’ll cover 48” of wall space (which is 24” x 2 panels – and I can see now how my Carnegie-Mellon University math skills are REALLY paying off!). So, you could ALSO do a 72″ x 48″ sized shower with the same 7 panel kit!

secret tip 1 custom walk through shower subway tile wall panels | Innovate building solutions | Bathroom remodel | home design ideas | fibo wall panels | Cleveland Shower remodel

This means with the same 7 panel kit you can not only do the 60” x 32” tub to shower conversion– but can also do any custom shower up to 72” x 48”! You’ll simply cut the panels to fit the finished size you need (whether it’s a standard or custom size).

Get Free Samples!

Click here to request free samples of our Laminated Waterproof Shower Wall Panels.

This can be a HUGE cost advantage vs. custom cultured stone panels. In addition, you won’t need a ‘seam’ like you would if you (or your contractor) is using thin acrylic panels which are made in a 60” maximum widths.

Therefore – custom sizes (of any size) ARE NOT more expensive with Fibo. Just figure out how many 2’ wide panels you need for each wall and click and lock those ‘bad boys’ together (and cut if needed) and you’re good to go.

Secret tip #2 to save money with fibo wall panels– You won’t pay extra to reach the top of an 8’ ceiling!

Since Fibo panels are 94.4” tall – when you install them in conjunction with a shower pan, they’ll reach the top of a standard 8’ bathroom ceiling. You won’t need to pay extra for taller wall panels, or need to patch and paint drywall like you would with shorter panels in another wall panel system.

Secret tip 2 fibo shower surround panels to top ceiling | Innovate Building solutions | bathroom remodel | Shower design ideas | laminate wall panels

Secret tip #3 to save money with fibo wall panels– You won’t pay extra for panels which look like the real thing!

Let’s face it – most grout free shower wall panels on the market are a ‘dressed up version’ of plastic-looking panels. Think about the (too-many-to-count) ‘bath in a day acrylic companies’ selling their shiny, plasticky, 1/8” ‘thin’ panels at prices which nearly caused your spouse to have a heart attack.

Or cultured marble wall panels you could only get in gloss finishes (or if you ask for matte finishes you’ll pay through the nose. And isn’t the visual of this term ‘paying through the nose’ a funny concept???… but I digress.

With Fibo laminate panels you WILL NOT pay extra for matte finish panels which look so realistic, they even fool experienced bathroom contractors. You’ll get a realistic look WITHOUT the maintenance of grouted tile or stone walls!

Secret tip 3 rough wood wall panels glass block shower wall | Innovate Building solutions | bathroom remodel | Home design ideas | Shower remodel ideas

Secret tip #4 to save money with fibo wall panels– Identify yourself as a real estate investor or contractor who’ll be a consistent buyer and save money (but don’t lie and say you’re one if you’re not, because you know what they say about karma).

Get Free Samples!

Click here to request free samples of our Laminated Waterproof Shower Wall Panels.

While this tip won’t help you if you’re a homeowner doing one bathroom – but if you’re a bathroom remodeling contractor – or own or buy for a real estate investment business – or own apartments – ask about our Dealer Buying Program or discount for multi-unit accounts.

Secret tip 4 Innovate Shower Wall Panel Dealership Program | Innovate building solutions | Home design ideas | Dealer for wall panel fibo

Secret tip #5 How to save money with fibo wall panels– See, touch, AND feel your panels before buying.

Have you ever seen (what you thought) was the coolest building product, or dress, or shirt on the Internet? Then you excitedly push the buy button. Then you open up the crate (of building materials) or package (with your dress or shirt) and think…..


And while it’s not too big a loss when you buy another shirt or dress which doesn’t fit the way it looked on the model in the pictures (and yes, I know this ALWAYS seems to be true), when you buy building materials which don’t look good or doesn’t have the quality you expected – returning it (if you’re allowed to at all) can be expensive (because it’s not as easy to package bulky building materials as it is to send the shirt back via UPS or FedEx).

Get Free Samples!

Click here to request free samples of our Laminated Waterproof Shower Wall Panels.

So – how can you eliminate this problem with Fibo wall panels without spending one thin (or thick) dime of your own? Follow these 2 steps:

  • Step 1 – Use the Innovate Bathroom Visualizer Tool to make possible pattern choices.

With the Innovate Bathroom Visualizer Tool experiment with 29 in-stock wall panel patterns, combine them with matte finish stone shower pans, add a glass shower door – and even change vanity cabinet colors, flooring and paint on the walls. Seeing before buying (and buying a pattern you H-A-T-E) is smart.

GOOGLE Don’t Make Expensive Bath Selection Mistakes – Use a | Bathroom remodel ideas | home design ideas | Cleveland Home Remodel

  •  Step 2 – Get a FREE Fibo wall panel sample

While using the visualizer tool is a wonderful place to start – sometimes colors, patterns, and textures look one way on your phone, laptop, or desktop – and quite another way when you get them into your bathroom (and your lighting).

So – request a free Fibo sample to make sure it’s going to match your flooring, counters, walls etc.

So, are you now more confident about the cost of Fibo wall panels and how to buy them efficiently (and avoid common buying mistakes)?

I’ll tell you I have 3 goals writing my articles.

First, it’s to make you smarter (in this case about the cost of Fibo wall panels and how to avoid buying mistakes).

And second it’s to get you to laugh (either with me, or at me) along the way.

And last (but not least) it’s to answer your questions (which I hope you’ll post in the comments section below).

And I hope I’ve achieved my goals (because otherwise it’ll cost me, because there is a 100% money back guarantee on this free advice).

But I understand these articles DO NOT give you all the answers. However, it’s comforting to know I’ve got a team of people ready, willing, and able to help (and most of them aren’t as wacky as me).

To learn more, call a Bathroom Specialist at Innovate Building Solutions if you’re looking to learn more or purchase Fibo panels for a job ANYWHERE in the United States. They can be reached at 877-668-5888 or fill out a Free Estimate Form.

And if you’re a bathroom contractor, a kitchen and bath showroom, or multi-unit property owner (or buyer) looking to purchase stylish wall panels for customers or tenants call me at 888-467-7488 or visit the wall panel dealership or multi-unit wall panel supply areas of our site.

And lastly if you’re looking for a Cleveland bathroom remodeling contractor call 216-531-6085. Our northeastern Ohio team (also including the Akron market) would love to help.

Thanks for reading and learning about Fibo wall panels. They are growing like crazy– and since it’s such a cool product I recently remodeled my own bathroom using them. And if you’d like to check out the article and learn what I did on my own job click on the link below.

Mike’s bathroom remodeling project using Fibo wall panels (and yes, I got a ‘deal’ on the panels…. after all I own this company – ha! ha!).

And BTW – if you’re an installing contractor and would like to learn about becoming a dealer of Fibo wall panels (and other bath/shower products) call me at 888-467-7488.


Mike Foti

President of Innovate Building Solutions a nationwide supplier and regional (Cleveland and Columbus) remodeling contractors. Some of our product lines include glass counters, floors, backsplashes, glass blocks and grout free shower and tub wall panels

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  • Bruce – thanks for following our articles and videos. While we do have installing dealers in Florida – I’m not sure if there’s one close enough to your area, but if you call our office at 877-668-5888 our team can look at our dealer list and see if we have someone who can help you. Also – if you find a contractor you like – I (or a member of my team) would be glad to talk to them about the installation process. It’s not hard to do – and many of our dealers have started with us after they were introduced to it by a homeowner like you.

    Thanks again – Mike

  • I continue to get your articles and videos about your products and services and really enjoy reading them. I have been particularly interested in the Funo laminates. Having been a DYIer for many years, doing floors, electrical and plumbing projects, I would hesitate to redo my shower using the Fubo system as a new project, but would prefer to find a qualified installer. Unfortunately, there appears to be no one in Florida nearby St Augustine who knows if this product or has experience installing it? So in the meantime, I’ll continue to follow you and your articles about advice on other products and services. Thanks

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