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How to make a large shower without making your bathroom bigger

How to make a large shower even in a smaller bathroom space | Innovate Building Solutions



Updated December 30, 2018

Let’s face facts – most existing master bathrooms do not fit the needs or desired aesthetic qualities for relaxation and comfort desired by their owners (OK – in plain English there just too doggone small and too doggone ugly). In many ranch and cape cod style homes built in the 1960’s and 1970’s the combined tub/shower unit in these small 5’ x 7’ bathrooms are difficult and dangerous to get into (and the ugly curtains or framed sliding glass doors don’t add to the ambience either!). Even many of the larger bathrooms built in the “McMansions” of the 1990’s and 2000’s allocated space incorrectly with a monster sized soaking/Jacuzzi tub (which is seldom used) along with a small phone booth sized stand up shower (which is cramped – but used every day).

According to a recent study by the inspirational housing site 66% of owners want larger showers. While this is a nice concept how can you turn this dream into reality for your home? The article below provides 3 steps to make a larger shower without increasing the size of the bathroom.

Step 1 – Key strategies to design your bathroom and shower to “live larger”  

Since it isn’t practical for most owners to increase the overall size of their bathroom (due to costs and the need to take space from adjoining rooms) the question becomes how can you create space for a larger, more relaxing and functional shower?

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Consider these strategies:

  • Eliminate soaking/jetted tubs – These dusty, unused tubs are the #1 place owners can (and do) borrow space for larger showers. The other reason large corner tubs are removed is they can a complete nightmare to step into and out of (who exactly was designing these monstrosities anyway?).
A jetted soaking tub was removed from this Columbus Ohio project for a large roll in barrier free shower with a glass block wall | Innovate Building Solutions
A jetted tub was removed in this Columbus Ohio project for a roll in shower with a glass block wall
  • Convert a standard 60” wide tub into a shower – Since very few people bathe today making a 60” wide shower where the tub used to be can create a more open feeling and is safe to enter into vs. climbing over the tub to take a shower.
A glass block curved wall in a 60" wide space where a tub used to be | Innovate Building Solutions
A curved glass block shower on an acrylic base in a 60″ x 34″ space where a tub used to be
  • Make a one level wet room – Getting rid of a separate shower enclosure with a curb and making a lipless shower area can create a sleek look, improve safety for any family member with mobility challenges. In addition, it’s a more efficient use of space.

A one level wet room shower system in a small bathroom with a Euro design | Innovate Building Solutions

  • Improve lighting – Adding a skylight, light tube or glass block window can make the bathroom feel larger – which can be especially helpful if your bathroom lacks a window today. In addition using these strategies will still allow you the privacy you design.
Colored glass block window small bathroom | Innovate Building Solutions
A multi-colored glass block window to maintain privacy yet provide light in a small bathroom


  • Reallocating space from closets or countertops – Another strategy to gain space can include eliminating a closet and/or reducing the size of a vanity top to ‘find’ your space for the larger shower.

 Step 2 – How to choose the right shower enclosure, or no enclosure at all, to have a larger feeling shower  

 While there is no one right way to enclose or create your larger shower 4 popular options to evaluate are:

  •  Glass wall panels – The advantage of glass wall enclosures is they can be cut to size and designed to go all the way to the ceiling for a steam shower while also providing a clear open feeling while showering. Their primary drawback – cleaning.
Frameless glass shower wall panels make this shower feel bigger by not dividing spaces| Innovate Building Solutions
Clear frameless glass walls open up a bathroom space
  • Glass blocks – Glass block shower walls are easy to clean, cost-effective to curve for a small tub to shower conversion project and provide a high degree of privacy when using an obscure pattern. Another advantage is the no shower door to clean.
Curved glass block walk in shower wall and base in a Columbus Ohio home | Innovate Building Solutions
A curved glass block shower with a cultured granite solid surface shower pan
  • Stud walls covered in tile, stone or grout free shower panels – Making stud walls can be easy to do and will create a consistent look for all of the interior shower wall surrounds. The drawback of stud walls is they reduce natural light.
  •  No enclosure Euro design – Since space is at a premium in Europe many showers are at the same level as the rest of the bathroom to provide a more efficient use of space– creating what is called a one level wet room. If you even want to make the space lower maintenance you can add these laminated wall panels. They look exactly like tile – but there are ZERO actual grout joints you need to clean.
One level wet room with laminated waterproof shower wall panels | Innovate Building Solutions
A one level wet room with low maintenance laminated shower panels

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Step 3 – What you can do inside your shower to have it feel larger – and be more fun! 

While steps 1 and 2 are critical it’s step 3 where the real fun begins – determining what materials and products to use inside your larger shower to create a functional and spa-like experience. Top choices to consider include:

  • Let it rain …and spray – OK showers are really still about the water – but new exciting showers today are about more than just the stationary shower head inserted into a plumbing wall. They are now also about “rain” (as in rain shower heads) and “spray” (as in body sprays). It’s these new water delivery products which can turn an ordinary shower into an extraordinary one.
Rain shower head with cracked cement pattern laminated wall panels | Innovate Building Solutions
Chrome rain shower head and walls using ‘The No Tile, Tile Shower’ laminated grout free wall panels
  • Seating – It’s hard to relax in your shower without a place to sit down! For a more modest sized shower (for example a 60” x 34” space) consider using either a corner or fold down seat. For a larger 2 person shower a long bench seat can be a great place to relax after a long day.
A small bathroom with a granite corner seat | Innovate Building Solutions
A small bathroom with a granite corner seat
  • Strategic storage – Keep your shower uncluttered and safe with niches recessed into the wall for soap and shampoo storage. Think through where your storage is located so all members of your family – from grandchildren to grandparents – can reach them (note: for a universal or accessible design niches are generally lowered so a shorter person or someone in a wheelchair has access to them).

A recessed niche placed lower to be reached by someone in a wheelchair accessible shower | Innovate Building Solutions

  • Natural design materials – Natural looking materials are hot in shower designs today – from hexagonal shapes and wood-look tiles to even a new line of grout free shower wall panels with natural stone, cement and farmhouse wood patterns. The options are more exciting than ever.


Stone looking faux stone shower panels using laminate | Innovate Building Solutions | #FauxStone #LaminatePanels #NoTile #NoTileTileShower
Stone looking faux stone shower panels using laminate click and lock together wall panels

What questions or ideas would you like to add about larger showers? Please comment or call one of the numbers below for additional insights or a free estimate.

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Mike Foti

President of Innovate Building Solutions a nationwide supplier and regional (Cleveland and Columbus) remodeling contractors. Some of our product lines include glass counters, floors, backsplashes, glass blocks and grout free shower and tub wall panels

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