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Bathroom, Kitchen, Basement Design & Remodeling Ideas for the Nicest Home or Business on the Block

How to Select a Fiberglass Front Entry Door

Fiberglass front entry door and transom with decorative glass
Fiberglass front entry door and transom with decorative glass

Perhaps nothing makes as much of a statement about a home than it’s front entry door. Fiberglass front doors can turn an ordinary home into something special. In this article you’ll learn the definition, advantages and disadvantages, and options in various fiberglass door styles to help you in your door selection process.

Definition – A fiberglass front door combines a fiberglass reinforced skin and a polyurethane foam core center to offer the natural look of a wood door with advantages of improved energy efficiency and the strength and durability not associated with a wood door.


Advantages of a Fiberglass Entry Door


  • Looks like real wood at a lower cost– The fiberglass skin has molded into it deep wood grains to provide the character usually associated with a wood door.


  • Door and glass panels to fit many architectural styles – With the use of different designs these doors will fit well into many home designs – including cottage, arts & crafts, classic, colonial, contemporary, country to name just a few.


  • Cut energy costs– Old steel and wood doors often don’t provide a good seal against outside air – driving up heating and cooling costs. Using a polyurethane foam core the fiberglass door can drive energy costs down.


  • Increased strength and performance – This door is highly resistant to dents, dings, or splintering associated with wood. It will also not rot or rust.


  • Improved security – Deadbolts and electronic keypads can be added for additional security from intruders.


  • Additional curb appeal – A new painted or stained front, side or back door can add character and charm to a home.


Disadvantages of a Fiberglass Front Door    


  • Usually 20 to 30% more costly than a steel door– The initial purchase price of these doors is more than steel – but usually less than wood.


  • Not available in custom shapes– While fiberglass doors are available in custom sizes they are not available in custom shapes.


Popular Options on Fiberglass Doors


Add more style, security and function with these more popular options:


  • Decorative glass and caming – Different glass styles can make a home look architecturally correct and can also provide different levels of obscurity and privacy.
  • Multiple paint and stain colors – Match or compliment the looks of the inside and outside of the home with over 20 different paint and stain colors.
  • Higher energy efficient windows with upgraded glass packages.
  • Interior window mini blinds – these provide the option to not have to install blinds on the inside of the door that need to be dusted off.
  • Handlesets, locksets, leversets and deadbolts – Front doors need to provide security and style. The right handleset and deadbolt can increase family safety.
  • Transom windows – add light above the door by adding a transom (usually a long horizontal window) above it.


Do you have any questions or advice about fiberglass doors? If so please comment below.



To learn more about fiberglass doors or to get free consultation contact Cleveland Window Company (216-531-4118) or Clear Choice Window & Door in Columbus (614-545-6886) or in Cincinnati (513-744-2184) (divisions of Innovate Building Solutions).


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  • Max – I”m glad this article was of value to you. Let us know if we can help you further. We have locations in Cleveland and Columbus Ohio where we supply and install both the steel and fiberglass entry doors.

  • We’ve talked about replacing our front door for a while now, and I think we’re finally ready! I wanted to do some research on what to look for. After reading this, I’m leaning toward a fiberglass front door because of its dent and ding resistance! Thanks for the info!

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