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Bathroom, Kitchen, Basement Design & Remodeling Ideas for the Nicest Home or Business on the Block
Bathroom, Kitchen, Basement Design & Remodeling Ideas for the Nicest Home or Business on the Block

13 Hot 2024 Bathroom Trends for a Stylish, Safe, AND Simple Bathroom (on a budget)

13 Hot 2024 Bathroom Trends for a Stylish, Safe, AND Simple Bathroom (on a budget) | Innovate building solutions | Bathroom remodeling | Cleveland Remodeling design trends | Hot interior design trends | Bathroom design

Anyone can have a super-cool bathroom if they have unlimited funds. However, how can you have a trend-setting bathroom which stands the test of time and won’t look like Marcia, Jan, and Cindy’s bathroom in The Brady Bunch if you don’t have an unlimited budget? And most importantly, a bathroom which won’t drain the kids or grandkids college fund?

If redoing the bathroom in 2024 is your goal, you need to read the 13 hot bathroom trends below which won’t drain your bank accounts to the bone. And at the end of the article – let me know which of these ideas you love AND which you could do without. After all – effective and efficient bathroom remodeling is NOT a one size fits all proposition.

So, let’s look at the 13 bathroom trends.

Bathroom trend #1 – Embrace the trend towards warm neutral tones. A stylish bathroom is no longer simply white subway tiles in a Modern Farmhouse design.

There’s nothing wrong with using white subway tiles if you love this classic look. However, if you want a bathroom which is current with today’s design trends, it’s time to start looking past whites and grays – and embrace neutral earth tone colors.

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Whether you’re buying a vanity – or looking for shower surround panels or tile, warm neutral earth tone colors are not only calming, they’re also in style! As an example, check out the light wood grain bathroom wall panels below.

Trend 1 light wood grain bath and shower panels | Innovate building solutions | bathroom remodeling ideas | Bathroom design trends 2024 | Cleveland Remodeling companies near me

Bathroom trend #2 – Lots of grout is OUT!

Yes – I’ll admit there’s still plenty of bathrooms with tile (‘er grouted) shower surrounds and floors. However, more people are blowing up hard to clean grout joints.

And if you’re on a budget (and because installing tile walls and floors is labor-intensive, they’re not a cheap date) but you don’t want your bathroom to LOOK LIKE YOU’RE ON A BUDGET – what can you do?

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First, consider using LVT (luxury vinyl tile) or LVP (or luxury vinyl plank) flooring. They’re sophisticated, easy to clean, and eliminate bathroom flooring grout joints.

Then when you get into the shower look the enemy (‘er that’d be tile grout joints) in the eye and defeat it with grout free shower bases and wall surrounds. If you want simple to maintain AND stylish AND cost-effective– you can get it all with the right grout free products.

And if you have your heart set on a tile floor or shower – at least opt for large format tiles with small grout joints. Minimize grout joints at all costs. They’re nothing but trouble.

Bathroom trend #3 – Safe and stylish are NOT mutually exclusive, and they’re co-existing in trend-setting age in place bathrooms.

When you hear the term ‘aging in place,’ do you get shivers up your spine and think that type of bathroom will like a bad rerun of General Hospital?

While none of us wants to think they’re not as nimble as when we were 18 years old and on the football, basketball, or cheer teams, the morning aches and pains tells us otherwise.

And since the number one place in the home where falls occur (which can lead to extended hospital stays) is in bathrooms, making them safe has to be a priority if you’ve got more than a few gray hairs, and plan to stay in this home for an extended time.

And what I hope will be encouraging to you is I’m here to deliver some good news. Safe AND stylish AND an age in place bathroom can be used in the same sentence. And if you don’t believe me, read 15 Insider Tips for a Safer, Simpler, and Stylish Age in Place Shower.

PINTEREST 15 Insider Tips for a Safer, Simpler and Stylish Age i | Innovate Building solutions | Bathroom Design Ideas | Bathroom remodeling in cleveland ohio | Design trends for 2023

Bathroom trend #4 – Organic is in…. even if it’s faux organic building materials.

The spa bathroom is still a hot trend. And while it’s nice to see the expensive look created by real wood, stone, and concrete finishes – these natural materials can be too expensive for many homeowners.

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If this is your reality – then look for products like wood or cement looking laminate shower wall panels, or laminate vanities, or click lock flooring systems. Faux materials are far better than the ‘cubic zirconium diamonds’ of days gone by.

Trend 4 cracked cement organic wall panels corner shower | Innovate Building solutions | Cracked Cement Wall Panels | Organic Bathroom Trends | Design Trend Ideas

Bathroom trend #5 – While the jetted Jacuzzi tub is out, the freestanding acrylic or solid surface soaking tub is not

Whether you love them or hate them, freestanding soaking tubs are still very much in style.

And while I’ll grant you many people don’t use them a lot; they can be the showpiece of your bathroom (and help with resale…and yes, that’s assuming you have enough room for a freestanding tub and a decent sized shower.

And if your worried about breaking the budget with a freestanding tub, I have two tips for you:

  • Buy an acrylic freestanding tub a solid surface tub. They’re not only half the price, but they’re aren’t so heavy or require additional floor support like a solid surface tub.

Trend 5 acrylic freestanding slipper tub Akron bath remodel | Innovate Building Solutions | Free Standing Tubs | Bathroom Design Ideas | Soaking Tub Shower Design

  • Consider a tub with the faucet inside the tub. One of the big expenses beyond the freestanding tub itself is the tub filler. When you combine the faucet inside the tub instead of using a tub filler, you’ll save from $500 to $1,000.

Bathroom trend #6 – Even if your spouse is the ‘queen,’ cost-effective (but not cheap) storage will be their ‘king’ and is a must in a trend-setting bathroom.

If you’re removing a cheap, old fiberglass tub/shower surround which has pathetically small compartments for storage (and your shampoo bottles are ALWAYS falling into the tub), your spouse may be ‘sick and tired’ of their lack of shower storage.

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And conversely, if you’ve got a vanity that resembles a ‘mosh pit’ when you open it (and there could be people buried in the back for all you know), you know effective vanity storage is a must.

And while there may be some people who can spend big bucks on tile niches for increased shower storage (which are uber-time consuming to build AND hard to maintain) or can afford custom bathroom vanities – if this doesn’t describe you, I’ve got two ideas.

First – instead of a long oversized tile niche in the shower – consider an oversized stainless steel niche. They’re time-effective to install AND guaranteed not to leak (unlike an expensive tile niche).

Trend 6 matte black larger horizontal stainless steel niche | Innovate Building Solutions | Bathroom Remodeling | Shower Niches for bathroom design ideas | Design Trends for 2024

And second – instead of buying a custom vanity – look for a standard sized vanity with pull out drawers and glides built into the unit. You’ll experience how seeing EVERYTHING in your vanity is liberating.

I’m hear to report to you, you can get ‘king-sized storage,’ without king-sized prices, and be on trend.

Bathroom trend #7– Turn subway tiles on their ‘head, or side’ for a trend-setting look so you’re not living in a fashion time-warp.

I just got done decluttering my closet, and it was easy to compile 4 bags of clothing to send to Goodwill. After all, my wide (‘er fashion time-warp) pants may have been cool when MC Hammer was all the rage, but today – quite frankly, they’re tired (and behind the curve). But if you can’t get enough of some ‘throw- back’ MC Hammer, enjoy the ‘U Can’t Touch This’ video below for a few laughs.

And while it can be tempting to remain stuck in the past, when you’re doing a bathroom refresh (or struggling to declutter your closet) this is when you need to see what’s new and trending (so your ‘new’ bathroom doesn’t scream out, ‘old-school.)’

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And while there’s still a lot of subway tiles laid horizontally today – the white 6” x 3” tile is trending downwards. However, if you like a classic look – yet don’t want to build a brand new ‘MC-Hammerish bathroom’ you may be asking how can I modernize my design, yet still respect my traditional roots? Here’s three ideas:

  • Modernize the subway tile with wider units in different colors. Subway tiles DO NOT have to all be white and purchased in the traditional 6” x 3” size. This 12” x 4” gray Aberdeen brick surround panels has the same subway tile feel, but with a more modern ‘today’ look.

Tile pattern 2 aberdeen brick 12 x 4 shower wall panels | Innovate Building Solutions | bathroom design ideas | Subway tile | Grey aberdeen brick shower design | Design ideas for 2024

  • Turn the subway tile on it’s ‘head.’ A cool look today is called ‘stacked subway.’ This is where tiles are placed vertically on the wall. This trend is also gaining popularity because it can make a bathroom with a lower ceiling feel

Trend 7 - idea 2 Smokey Blue Stacked Subway Tile shower panels | Innovate Building Solutions | Bathroom Design Trends | Bathroom Remodeling ideas for 2024 | Cleveland Remodeling Near Me

  • Turn the subway tile on it’s ‘side.’ Putting subway tiles on a 45 degree angle creates a herringbone pattern. This is uber-stylish. And if you’re worried about the outrageous costs of a tile setter installing 45 degree herringbone tiles, then choose cost effective shower surround panels with the 45 degree pattern built in.
Trend 7 - ide 3 white herringbone wall panels credit Best Construction Bran | innovate building solutions | Colorado Bathroom Remodel | Design ideas for 2024 | Bathroom Trends
Image Source: Best Construction Brands LLC

Bathroom trend #8– You’ll be staying in your home longer, so you might as well ‘go bold.’

A housing trend which is here to stay is people are not moving as frequently as they used to. The reasons for this are:

  • Our population is aging (and older people – and NO I don’t include my 63 year old self in that group- are less likely to move).
  • Interest rates are so high you can’t afford to move.
  • It’s just not as good of a value to build a new home as it is to renovate. This was certainly the case for my wife and me. If you’d like to learn about my recent bathroom remodel – and products we used, read 15 Lessons You Can Learn from my Safer, Simpler, and More Stylish Master Bathroom.

15 lessons you can learn from my safer, simpler, and more stylis | Innovate Building Solutions | Bathroom Remodeling | Design Trends Bathroom Remodel Tips | Cleveland Ohio Bathroom Trends

  • ‘Stay at home jobs’ are allowing you to remain in the same home longer….no matter where your company’s office is located.

So – what does this trend about staying in your home longer have to do with bathroom remodeling? In addition to it being smarter to select products that will last longer, it’s also possible to ‘go bolder.’ Since you’re not selling your home anytime soon, why not use bolder colors or bolder patterns?

Why not go full ‘Burger King’ and Have It Your Way – even if it’s not what ‘everyone else’ likes?

Now’s the time to be bold in your bathroom design. As an example, check out this wild bathroom below. Don’t be overly concerned about designing your bathroom for resale. As New Yorkers would say, ‘Fuggaboutit!’

Trend 8 bold bathroom with wild tile - credit | Innovate Building Solutions | bathroom design ideas | Bathroom Trends for 2024 | Cleveland Remodeling for bathroom design
Image Source:

Bathroom trend #9– It’s time to focus on value. So, you probably shouldn’t buy a $6,000 shower curtain like the CEO of Tyco did back in the day.

Do you remember the movie Wall Street? And do you remember the lead character, Gordon Gekko, saying, “Greed is good.”

Well years later, convicted felon (and former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski) sure took this saying to heart when he bought this infamous $6,000 shower curtain (which is now in the ACFE Fraud Museum!) with O.P.M. (and if you’re not sure what OPM is, it’s Other People’s Money!). Check it out below. This curtain doesn’t look to me like it’s worth $6,000 (I actually think it’s ugly). What do you think?

And even though I’ll bet most of you WERE NOT planning on a $6,000 shower curtain it still can be easy to let your desperate desire to improve your bathroom cause you to overspend.

Trend 9 6,000 shower curtain credit ACFE insights | Innovate Building Solutions | Bathroom Remodeling trends | bathroom trends for 2024 | Cleveland Design ideas
Image Source: ACFE insights

So – how can you focus on value whether you’re doing a simple tub to shower conversion in your small 5’ x 8’ bathroom, or remodeling a larger space?

First invest more time in research. For example, if you’re doing the tub to shower project I wrote an article explaining the cost of an installed tub to shower conversion and how it can range almost 400% from the lowest to most expensive quote. Yes, that’s crazy.

Don’t buy from the first person who can get you financed at the ‘low, low payment’ they’re showing you – which is available (if and only if) you sign tonight. Be thorough before committing to a project. Bathroom remodeling SHOULD NOT be an impulse buy, or an arm-twisting experience!

In addition, look for products with longevity. Instead of a flimsy fiberglass or acrylic shower pan (and remember shower bases are the foundation of the shower), instead consider a low profile stone shower pan. It’ll withstand virtually any weight (since it has 2 tons of weight capacity) and is designed to work no matter what your mobility situation is.

Be a smart buyer. Don’t whip out your credit card, and sign a remodeling contract, at the drop of a hat. Make sure you’re getting a good value. As the old saying goes, “Nobody wants to get taken to the dry cleaners!”

Bathroom trend #10– Matte is hot, gloss is not.

Bathroom trends – just like clothing trends – are always changing. And while your powder blue leisure suit was the height of fashion in the 70’s, today not so much.

Trend 10 blue leisure suit credit | innovate building solutions | bathroom design ideas | Trends for 2024 for interior design ideas | Cleveland Bathroom Remodel
Image Source:

And while polished brass hardware was ubiquitous (a fancy word I threw in, so you’d think I’m smart. Is it working?) today it’s out of style AND it’s a pain to clean.

And if you’re debating gloss vs. matte finishes for your hardware or wall surrounds, if you want to be ‘on trend’ lean towards the relaxed (and simpler to clean) matte finishes vs. gloss.

To dig deeper into the gloss vs. matte debate, read 7 Critical Questions You Need to Know Choosing Between Gloss or Matte Finishes for Your Shower or Bathroom.

Trend 10 how to choose between matte and gloss bathroom finishes | innovate building solutions | bathroom trends for 2024 | bathroom shower remodeling in Cleveland ohio

Bathroom trend #11– More natural light…or more lighting is the way to go.

Dark bathrooms (and showers) are dangerous. And for anyone who wants their bathroom to feel more open, airy, AND safe, whatever you can do to make it lighter and brighter is smart.

So, if you’re building a new home, you can use a transom shower window or bathroom casement window to maximize natural light.

Glass Block Window Guide cover

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And if you’re remodeling – and have a window smack dab in the middle of the shower – don’t cover it over (or give your neighbor’s a peek at your ‘hot bod’) add privacy with an obscure glass window or a glass block bathroom window.

Trend 11 glass block bathroom window with 4 x 8 blocks | Innovate building solutions | bathroom shower design | Trends for interior design bathroom remodeling

And if it’s not practical (or cost efficient) to add natural light, then install a back lit mirror or a LED medicine cabinet (and if you want to get fancy make sure it also has an anti-fog feature).

Trend 11 back light mirror in bathroom | Innovate building solutions | bathroom shower design ideas | Shower Remodeling tips

Bathroom trend #12– Make your bathroom more comfortable.

If there’s something we all want more than ever, it’s comfort. And in the bathroom this is certainly the case.

So, what’s trending now you may ask to make a bathroom more comfortable? Here’s a few features/products to consider:

  • A comfort height toilet. While comfort height toilets used to be associated with ADA bathrooms, this no longer is the case. They’re flat-out simpler to use – and safer. And with the right choice it won’t look it’s was chosen for someone specifically with a disability.
  • Wall hung vanities. Wall hung vanities have the benefit of being able to be installed at any height. So, if you’re taller, go above the ‘standard’ 36” height. If you’re shorter (or use a wheelchair) set the vanity lower to make it simpler to use.

Trend 12 wall hung vanity and one level wet room shower | Innovate Building Solutions | bathroom design ideas | Cleveland Remodeling ideas | Shower Remodeling Tips and Trends

  • Low profile shower pans – Shower pans with lower curbs are easier to enter and look sleek and modern. They’re comfort and style mashed up.

Trend 12 - 3 - low profile gray stone shower pan InnovaStone | Innovate Building Solutions | bathroom design trends for 2024 | Cleveland Remodeling Tips

Bathroom trend #13– Make your small bathroom roomier by NOT compartmentalizing spaces.

In the United States we talk about ‘shower enclosures.’ The ‘enclosure’ (which sounds like a room we might get trapped in) is separate from the rest of the bathroom.

And while enclosures – with full doors – can be nice, and will keep you warmer, it does compartmentalize an already small bathroom into an even smaller bathroom.

A way around this is to embrace the European inspired wet room. With a wet room the entire bathroom is at one level. It’s one continuous space. Your bathroom will live bigger, no matter what it’s size is.

Trend 13 one level wet room with base former Innovate Building Solutions | Cleveland Design Ideas | Trends for 2024 in Bathroom Remodeling

So, have you learned new ideas which you can incorporate into your bathroom remodel? How can we help you next?

So, which of these 13 bathroom trends did you like? I’d love to read your comments below.

And since I know this isn’t a project you do every day – you may want help. And there’s three ways me and my company can assist you:

Thanks for reading.


And BTW – if you’re an installing contractor and looking for unique products to help differentiate (and grow) your business call Mike at 888-467-7488 to talk about becoming a bathroom products dealers.



Mike Foti

President of Innovate Building Solutions a nationwide supplier and regional (Cleveland and Columbus) remodeling contractors. Some of our product lines include glass counters, floors, backsplashes, glass blocks and grout free shower and tub wall panels

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  • Patricia – I’m glad you enjoyed the article!

    Regarding walk in showers – they can be any sized space – as long as there’s enough room to walk in. If you have a smaller doorless walk in shower, the key is to not only waterproof the shower floor – but also the bathroom floor as well. This can be done with one level wet room systems (check out this link – ). Let me – or a member of my team – know if we can help you further – Mike – 877-668-5888

  • If more companies understood the value of “selling” their product in the way you do, they would make more money and it would be oh so enjoyable sorting through all the product options.

    I like the “wet room” idea. If I never had to clean a glass shower door again in my life, it would be too soon. To me, a walk-in shower is a space that needs no door or curtain. What is the smallest space that might work in??

    Thanks for the chuckles!

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